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  5. How to manage a weekend without cash and a payment card? You only need your mobile phone.

You have several options to choose from to manage this without a wallet:

  1. In shops, cafés and restaurants that allow contactless payments you will pay via MobilePayTB simply by putting your mobile phone close to a POS terminal. You can download the app for free to your mobile phone. In the app you will find all your payment cards issued by Tatra banka. To make a payment up to €20 you don't even need to turn on the app or enter the PIN code, just to backlight your phone screen. 


  1. If you are planning to visit places that probably won’t have a POS terminal you will probably still need cash. Withdraw it from an ATM without a payment card. In the Tatra banka app you authorize an ATM withdrawal with your mobile phone, choose the amount and you can even add a withdrawal note to keep track of what the money was withdrawn for. You can handle all this on your way to an ATM on which you just enter the 6-digit code from the app and collect your cash.


  1. Whether it is a group lunch or an evening get together with friends, these events often end with a joint bill. Usually at the end of the evening a lengthy calculation starts and either you provide the waiter with a supply of coins for the rest of the day or one of you pays the bill and ends up with the coins. What if the bill was paid by one of you with a mobile phone and the others would simply send the money to that person via VIAMO? With this app you don't need to know the recipient's account number. You just need the person’s phone number and you can send the money with a couple of clicks.


  1. Your weekend program can also include various other activities ordered in advance via the internet. Card payment is a standard method in this case. But with the MobilePayTB app you again do not even have to pull out a card from your wallet. For each payment you generate one-time card data in the app. The main advantage is security because the data can only be used for a single payment. This provides maximum protection for your card against misuse.

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