Fraudulent behaviour on Facebook

| 11.10.2018

Dear Clients,

let us inform you that we've noticed fraudulent behaviour on social network Facebook, which aims to get your sensitive bank information.

In the first step, the sender addresses social network users with a "simple job for the Tatra banka".

In the second step, the sender offers the option of winning or participating in a traveler's activity if the social network user sends a certain amount of money.

In both cases, it's a fraudulent communication that aims to get your funds and sensitive bank information.
Therefore, do not respond to offers, click on links, fill out questionnaires or send login or other personal and bank details (birth number, payment card details, PID, Internet banking password, etc.).

Please note that Tatra banka will never ask for information from our clients in this form about your account, payment cards or access to Internet banking. This applies to social networks, as well as to e-mail or telephone communications. Electronic banking is safe, but it is always necessary to sign in through the official website of Tatra banka.

If you have filled in the information you were requested to in the fraudulent communication, we advise you to contact the DIALOG Live call center for security reasons.

For more information on how to protect your data, visit in the Security tab.

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