Fraudulent emails notification

| 20.01.2020

We encourage clients to increase attention when providing personal and identifying information. Tatra banka never requests clients to verify their sensitive data by e-mail or telephone communications.

We have witnessed an increase in phishing fraud. This is a suspicious e-mail communication that aims to get sensitive client data. A fraudulent e-mail gives the impression that the sender is Tatra banka. It contains a link to a fraudulent page and requires different types of information from clients to enter personal and identifying information (name, surname, phone number, PID and password for Internet bankingTB, payment card number and CVV code, etc.).

How do you recognize the underwater page:

  • email text contains grammatical errors or misspellings, or is in a language other than Slovak,
  • the name of the fraudulent site is different from the official name of the bank,
  • https is missing in the browser address field,
  • no green or yellow locks appear,
  • page is graphically imperfect or acts as badly loaded.

Do not reply or click on attachments or links to your email. In similar cases, contact the bank via DIALOG Live as soon as possible at 0800 001 100.

Yours sincerely
Tatra banka

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