Information for ZUNO bank clients

| 13.10.2016

Information for ZUNO bank clients

Dear ZUNO bank clients,

We are looking forward to see you and believe that you will feel good in our bank. That is the reason why we have prepared a simple manual with answers to your questions before you become our clients.

What should I do with my account?
Maybe you will be surprised but it is not necessary to take any steps on your part at the moment. The service which you are used to will continue being provided to you by ZUNO bank. All activities will be taken over by Tatra banka in the course of next year. Until then we will prepare a particular offer which will be presented to you sufficiently in advance.

What happens with my borrowing?
No changes need to be done at this moment. Continue with your regular payments in the arranged amount and we will notify you of further steps.

Why is Tatra banka the right solution?
Tatra banka is in a great condition. It is a sound, financially strong and stable institution with the ambition of further growth. You can look forward to a broad range of products and services and innovative digital communication channels which help you to maintain your comfort you have been used to in ZUNO bank.

  • Tatra banka has been on the market for 26 years already.
  • Tatra banka clients belong to the most satisfied clients on the market. The number of its clients has exceeded 800 thousand yet in the last year.
  • Tatra Personal service package is available for you for free thanks to our Reward Programme.
  • Tatra banka has innovative digital communication channels: Internet banking in mobile, mobile payments, mobile ATM cash withdrawal, VIAMO, voice verification when contacting the call centre.

When will Tatra banka introduce its offer?
We have been currently working on a solution which will be simple and comfortable for you. The procedure is currently being negotiated with the RBI Group and regulation authorities. We will inform you about further steps in time.

What if I want to transfer my account to Tatra banka today?
We can assist you with choosing the most suitable solution from our current product offer.

Did not find the answer to your question?
Contact us on *1100 or visit any branch of our bank.

Yours faithfully,
Tatra banka

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