Internet banking TB news

| 06.05.2013

Benefits of Internet banking for entrepreneurs are available yet in the new Internet bankingTB without:

  • necessity of purchasing i:key package
  • installation of special software

Your Card and ReaderTB and the opened new service to account Internet bankingTB active without limit are sufficient for being able to:

  • enter limitless payments with signature specimen verification
  • sign payments with two signatures
  • import bulk payments
  • access statements for accounting

Internet bankingTB active without limit service is available automatically for current clients with i:key (with valid and invalid certificate), branch visit is not necessary.

New Internet banking


You will be able to use i:key in the initial Internet banking version until the end of October 2013, i:key use will be terminated after that time.
You can ask for the new service of Internet bankingTB active without limit at any Tatra banka branch.


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