Mortage with accelerated repayment

| 14.09.2011

Apply for HypotékaTB with accelerated repayment and get the option to repay it a few years earlier and save thousands of euros.

How it works
You can add a bit to your standard payment in the end of each month.
The advantage of accelerated repayment is that you can:

  • add the additional payment at any time (no need to do so every month),
  • deposit any sum up to the amount of 3 loan payments.

The bank charges no fees on the added sum.

Transfer the old mortgage
Are you interested in accelerated repayment or do you simply want to have your mortgage transferred to us? Apply for a refinancing loan and exchange your old mortgage for a new one with beneficial conditions.

  • no proof of income
  • no submission of expert's report
  • no processing charges
  • free credit card for 12 months as a bonus

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