Notification of suspicious e-mails

| 02.03.2015

We have recorded an increased number of fraudulent e-mails sent on behalf of Tatra banka, which request verification of personal data from clients. It is so-called phishing and we recommend you not to respond to any e-mail of such kind.

Security of your data is equally important as security of your money. Therefore, we make every effort possible to protect you. Please be advised that Tatra banka never requests from clients verification of personal data in this manner.

This applies both to e-mail and telephone communication. Therefore, we recommend you not to respond to such e-mails or click on its attachments or links.
If you have already responded to the request for completion of your sensitive data delivered to you by e-mail, please contact the bank immediately via DIALOG Live on 0800 001 100 to protect security of your data.

Detailed information on how to protect your data are available on the Internet bankingTB website in the Security tab.

Yours faithfully,
Tatra banka


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