Service charges - change

| 01.04.2020

Given the current situation, the Board of Directors of Tatra banka decided not to temporarily apply the changes effective from 31.03.2020 in the Tariff of Charges of Tatra banka, a.s., Service charges for individual clients part and the Tariff of Charges of Tatra banka a.s. - Service charges for legal entities or natural persons - entrepreneurs part, at the following fees:

  • Charge for SEPA payment in EUR (for Switzerland, Andorra, Vatican, San Marino and the United Kingdom)
  • Charge for account maintenance with excess credit balance
  • Charge for cash deposit to an account via Tatra banka ATM
  • Loan maintenance charge (applies to BusinessLoanTB Expres, BusinessLoanTB Hypo)

Until further notice, the Bank will apply the aforementioned fees in the original amount, in respect of the newly introduced fee, the Bank will not apply it.

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