Structure of bank accounts changes since February

| 18.01.2016

Dear clients,

Please be advised that temporary period for implementation of the unified euro payment system, i.e. SEPA will end in February. Therefore it will be possible to use the account number only in an international format of IBAN as of February 2016.

IBAN is an international bank account number. It has the same structure in all Slovak banks which consists of 24 characters: 

SK 2 characters for country code
nn 2 control characters
nnnn 4 characters for bank code
nnnnnnnnnnn 16 characters for the prefix and number of client’s account

You will find your IBAN account number in your account statement, in Internet bankingTB or mobile application. You can also use our help guide on our website: IBAN convertor.

Most frequently asked questions:

Why does this change happen?
The aim is to unify the conditions for sending money via banks in Europe (SEPA countries). The temporary period ends on 1 February 2016. 

How will entering of payments in Internet bankingTBchange?
Internet bankingTB will allow the clients enter SEPA payments without any changes, in compliance with the rules valid as of 1 February 2016.

What happens with my standing orders?
The already existing standing orders, collections or templates of frequently repeated payments will not have to be changed.

What changes can I expect at a branch?
The updated forms will be available at branches and our employees will gladly advise and help you complete them.

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SEPA payments

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