VIAMO also for payments for goods and services

| 08.10.2014

About a year after introduction of VIAMO services clients can also pay for goods and services with this application. Just run the up-to-date version of Tatra banka VIAMO application and choose from the list of vendors and foundations, or to scan the VIAMO QR code of a particular vendor and then confirm the transaction by simply entering a four-digit PIN code.

In the initial phase it is possible to pay for food delivery, for shopping at, to recharge credit for ISIC card of the University of Economics in Bratislava, to contribute money to Tatra banka Foundation, UNICEF, Kvapka nádeje, Pontis Foundation, Magna Deti v núdzi, Plamienok, Liga proti rakovine, Slovak Blind and Partially Sighted Union and others. The list of vendors and organisations will gradually expand.

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