20 years ago our branches were interconnected by our internally-developed system

| 05.05.2014

Once it was not obvious to obtain current information about clients' account at any branch. Data among all Tatra banka branches were interconnected by TABIS, the first customized banking system, 20 years ago.

"Imagine that you can only work with your account at one bank branch, or when you deposit money in an account, another branch will not get that information. Today this seems like a scene from a very old film, remembers Juraj Bojkovský, Director of the Electronic Distribution Channels Division at Tatra banka.

Twenty years ago, the team of IT developers at Tatra banka developed the first customized branch system called TABIS. The greatest benefit of the system was that it interconnected information among branches so that clients could work with their accounts at any branch, which was previously uncommon at other Slovak banks.

Moreover, since telecommunications services were very unreliable in those days, TABIS offered a unique solution, which facilitated the provision of banking services despite frequent failures of the telecommunications line.

"TABIS was the first great innovation developed by the bank's own development team. Given the period when it took place, it is deemed as a huge step for our banking as we know it today," adds Juraj Bojkovský.


Marína Masárová
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