Alfa fond TB - fund also for novice investors

| 15.01.2014

The new Tatra Asset Management mutual fund is also designed for novice investors. Its main advantage is a unique strategy that actively responds to developments in financial markets offering the potential to achieve higher returns also on short-term investments.

"Alfa fondTB is the solution for conservative clients seeking higher yield potential at times of low interest rates. With its unique strategy, it can become the gateway to the world of investments for novice investors as an alternative to traditional deposit products. However, I have no doubt that it will also be actively used by more experienced clients for addressing the need to appreciate their financial reserves in the short term," explains Martin Ďuriančik, Vice-Chairman of Tatra Asset Management.

Fund's unique alpha strategy very actively responds to developments in the financial markets, adjusting its composition to ensure the lowest possible market risk exposure for investors so that they do not have to worry about major fluctuations of their investments. Thanks to this strategy, the Alfa fondTB offers the potential to achieve higher return in a short-term investment horizon (min. two years). The fund aims to achieve a return above the level of the interest rates on annual term deposits.

The fund's alpha strategy is based on a number of equivalent active strategies that aim to achieve the return on equity, bond, foreign currency, real estate, or commodity markets with the least possible dependence on the negative development of these markets.

Tatra Asset Management, the largest manager of mutual funds in Slovakia, has been successfully operating on the collective investment market for more than 15 years. Within its wide product range addressing the various needs of investors it manages more than 20 mutual funds. The company specialises in active management.


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Marketing communication notice: Investment in a mutual fund entails risk and past performance does not guarantee future returns. The value of a mutual fund investment and the related return may go up or down and the shareholder may not get back the full amount invested. The Statute, Prospectus, and Key Investor Information for mutual fund investors are available at Tatra banka, a. s. branches in Slovak. Up to 100% of the value of the assets in a mutual fund may be invested in transferable securities and money market instruments issued or guaranteed by a European Union member state. Funds may also be invested in investment certificates or money, bond, equity and other open-end mutual funds, European funds, and other foreign collective investment undertakings. The official name of the mutual fund is: Tatra Asset Management, správ. spol., a. s., Alfa o.p.f.


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