Almost 10 million calls served by DIALOG Live in 15 years

| 16.05.2014

The first call to a banking contact center in Slovakia took place 15 years ago. Since then, Tatra banka's DIALOG Live has served almost 10 million calls and 200 thousand chats.

Tatra banka was the first bank to launch a telephone contact center on 17 May 1999. The service immediately received a huge response from clients because they could instantly work with their accounts or gain information about products and services offered by Tatra banka. The portfolio of services has gradually been extended to include Tatra Asset Management products, Internet banking, information on loans and other services.

"We learned how to use this new distribution channel to serve clients during its actual operation and based on examples from abroad. As we had started to provide our clients with Internet banking a year earlier, in 1998, we gradually became familiar with the multi-channel environment created by the launch of the contact center. After introducing DIALOG Live, we had to find an ideal way of delivering value to clients with a mix of mutually complementing channels, including branch offices. Since then, both electronic and physical channels have been continuously improved, with new enhancements on the way," says Natália Major, a member of the Management Board of Tatra Banka about the period when the first telephone contact center in Slovakia was established.

With a broad service portfolio offered to clients via telephone and high accessibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, DIALOG Live has served more than 9.7 million calls covering about 540 thousand hours over the past 15 years. Converted to years it is more than 60 years of incessant dialogue between two people.

Tatra ChatTB was a new addition in 2011. Connected with current trends on social networks, the Tatra Chat has found many fans, largely due to its simple use directly from the bank's website, its availability without a telephone, and its informal way of communication. Since its launch, the number of chats has grown at a staggering rate, now surpassing 170,000. The interest in chat has more than tripled over the past two years.

Another significant milestone was in 2013, when DIALOG transformed into DIALOG Live and became the first contact center in Slovakia and one of the first in the world to start using voice recognition to verify a client's identity. To this date more than 160 thousand clients have created voice samples to use Voice Biometrics (Hlasová biometriaTB).

In 2013, DIALOG Live extended its services to include online video consultation of terms of a mortgage loan, a "remote business advisor" and a "remote personal banker" (services for legal entities and individuals) as well as offering any purpose loans, credit cards and many other products with the contracts delivered by courier or via Internet banking.

15 years of DIALOG Live in numbers
We have received 9,711,870 calls from clients.
We have spent a total of 539,548 hours on the phone, equaling 61.6 years.
We have engaged in 171,551 chats with clients.

Expansion of DIALOG Live services

1999 - Launch of DIALOG
This was the first time that this "banking on the phone" allowed clients to use the funds in their own accounts without having to visit a branch.

2000 - DIALOG expands
DIALOG extended its options to provide information on consumer and mortgage loans, a virtual card, new products provided via Internet BankingTB and new products offered by Tatra Asset Management.

2003 - New services
The nonstop telephone service DIALOG further extended its services with the option to change the limit for entering standing orders and unlimited amounts for transfers between an individual's accounts, as well as activating the service of sending notifications of failed payments via b-mail, reporting of cash withdrawals, etc. DIALOG also started to provide personalized services to clients in 2003.

2005 - DIALOG about loans
In 2005, DIALOG started to offer initial consultations for client to obtain an any purpose loan.

2011 - Tatra ChatTB launch
Clients who could not or did not want to use the DIALOG telephone contact center at any given moment could now connect with Tatra banka at any time using the chat function on the bank's website.

2013 - Launch of Voice Biometrics (Hlasová biometriaTB) and further extension of services
With the assistance of the unique Voice Biometrics (Hlasová biometriaTB) service, Tatra banka can simply and easily identify a client who calls DIALOG Live - based solely on recognition of his or her voice. Clients no longer need to use the Card and Reader (Karta a čítačkaTB) to log in.
Other unique services such as online video consultation for a mortgage loan were also added. Thanks to this service, clients can not only hear the mortgage specialist but can also see the specialist via their computer or tablet and discuss their housing needs comfortably, without needing to personally visit a branch. Clients have been offered a variety of banking products via the DIALOG contact center - including an any purpose loan, a credit card, supplementary pension saving programs, a gift card and many others. The respective product is sent by a DIALOG Live staff member directly to clients for their approval via Internet BankingTB or the contracts are delivered by courier to the address specified by a client. Other services launched to improve client care include a remote business advisor and a remote personal banker. With this service, clients no longer need to handle their banking-related issues at a branch office. They can communicate all their needs to their personal relationship manager by phone.


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