Anti-Inflation Deposit TB appreciates by almost 12 percent in 4 years

| 02.04.2014

Tatra banka's anti-inflation deposit has protected its customer's savings against inflation while offering attractive appreciation. The bank's customers who took the opportunity to open an Anti-Inflation DepositTB have earned attractive appreciation of 11.98 percent over 4 years. This means their savings had annual appreciation of more than 2.86 percent.

The Anti-Inflation DepositTB (Protiinflačný vkladTB), one of the structured deposits offered by Tatra banka, guaranteed clients a basic interest rate with the option to earn an additional bonus yield depending on the HICP (Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices) Eurozone, excluding tobacco.

For the period from April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2014, the Anti-Inflation DepositTB paid a total of 4 percent as the guaranteed basic interest and an additional 7.98 percent as the bonus interest on the principal deposited. Clients thus achieved overall appreciation of 11.98 percent. Clients earned both nominal and real appreciation.

Structured deposits at Tatra banka offer higher appreciation than general deposit products. They consist of a term deposit account with a variable interest yield, which combines the advantages of a standard term deposit with an investment opportunity. In this way clients can earn extra bonus interest. Structured deposits are available during limited periods at Tatra banka's branches.


Marína Masárová
02/5919 1593

Marketing communication notice:
Bonus interest on deposits for Tatra banka's structured deposits results from an embedded financial instrument (derivative), a description of which, including associated risks, is contained in a separate document usually available at Tatra banka's branches and on


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