Be the first to withdraw cash from an ATM with your mobile phone

| 18.08.2014

The new version of the Tatra banka mobile application will let you withdraw cash from an ATM with your mobile phone and also have a quick overview of your account balance.

Tatra banka's clients are accustomed to using their smartphones to pay at stores, place payment orders or easily draw an any purpose loan. Now they can also use their smartphones for ATM withdrawals. With this innovation, a smartphone is the only device they need for most everyday banking transactions.

When making cash withdrawal, the mobile display essentially replaces the ATM screen. After opening the Tatra banka application, clients choose the ATM Withdrawal service, the amount to withdraw and then enter the 6-digit code generated by the application into the ATM. Clients can also select in the application the account from which cash will be withdrawn, enter the printing of the receipt and their own note that will also be shown in their Internet bankingTB. In addition, the application contains the history of withdrawals with their respective balances.

Advantages of a mobile withdrawal:

  • You don't have to carry your wallet - from now on you can pay and withdraw cash from an ATM with your mobile phone
  • You will not forget your mobile phone at an ATM like a payment card
  • You eliminate the possibility of skimming (copying of data from your payment card)
  • You use this service for free











We do not forget security:

  • The code is a one-time code.
  • The withdrawal code will be generated after confirming the withdrawal and is valid for up to 20 minutes; the withdrawal can be manually cancelled in the application before the code expires.
  • The limit in using this service is € 200 per transaction, or per day.
  • The entire application including the generated codes can be deactivated via DIALOG Live.

If clients, for example while queuing or accepting a call, turn off the application, they can still login and find the generated code in the History tab.

The service is available for the Tatra banka application for iPhone, Android and Blackberry 10. Clients will be able to use the application with any Tatra banka ATM from the end of August.

Account balance within seconds for Android users

Information about account balance and reviewing an anticipated transaction are among the most common reasons for using Tatra banka's mobile banking application. With the new NFC Track (NFC prehľadTB) feature you just tap the payment card on the Android smartphone and you can instantly see your account balance and the last 10 transactions. You don't even have to login to the Tatra banka application - you just need your phone to be unlocked, with NFC switched on.obr2.JPG

1. Unlock your phone: For successful card reading you need an unlocked phone and data services switched on. The application need not be running.
2. Card reading: Tap a contactless payment card on a smartphone with the NFC switched on and wait a moment.
3. Data display: After reading the card, the phone screen will show information about account balance and transactions.

The new version of the Tatra banka application (version 1.9) is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry 10 operating systems.


For additional information, please contact:

Marína Masárová
02/5919 1593

Zuzana Povodová
Media Relations Manager


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