Card with Lóve

| 15.05.2014

A new limited edition credit card has a unique design inspired by the Lóve movie created by talented writer and director Jakub Króner. And it comes with a €30 summer bonus until the end of August.

Since May 15, Tatra banka's clients can get this new limited edition credit card. This time, the unique card design was inspired by the work of the talented Slovak artist Jakub Króner, the winner of the Tatra banka Foundation Art Award in 2012 in the category Young Artist for direction, story and screenplay for the movie Lóve (money in Romani).

A card featuring many benefitsobr.JPG

A €30 summer bonus will be credited to all clients who buy the new private credit card and make payments of at least €300 (single purchase or total) from May 15 to August 31, 2014 (inclusive).

100 percent discount on the monthly fee with monthly payments of at least €300. Clients who make payments of €150 will get a 50 percent discount on the monthly card fee.

47-day interest-free period - if clients repay the full charged amount within this maturity period, there is no interest assessed.

This limited edition private VISA credit card is designed for all Tatra banka clients who apply for a new or substitute credit card from May 15 to August 31 2014, or until our supply lasts.

Tatra banka's previous limited edition credit cards have been devoted to prominent Slovak artists - P. Barabáš, A. Brunovský, J. Satinský, K. Kállay, P. Lipa, M. Kren, Ľ. Feldek, E. Šille, R. Roth and the young sportsman M. Kližan.



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