Contactless Mobile Payments TB Also Available to Orange Customers

| 15.08.2013

From now, Orange customers can also use contactless mobile payments. All they need is a Tatra banka account and a smartphone supporting NFC (Near Field Communication) contactless technology.

Contactless mobile payments are even more accessible. If Orange customers who use Tatra banka services have a Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy Mini 2, Sony Xperia S, Sony Xperia P, or Sony Xperia Z (version OS Android 4.2.2, or higher), they just need to activate the NFC SIM card and install the free Mobile Pay application on their mobile phone. Thanks to this application, the phone will turn into a wallet that clients can use it for contactless payments which are simple, fast and secure. Everyone who activates the NFC SIM card, the Contactless Mobile Payments service for Orange to the personal account maintained with Tatra banka and makes at least one payment with the mobile phone from 15 August until the end of 2013, will be entered into a draw for 4 Sony Xperia Tablet Z tablets from Orange.

"We are happy to bring new ways to use mobile phones to the largest community of mobile service customers in Slovakia. We seek to constantly introduce innovations that increase customer convenience and mobile payments definitely represent such services," says Pavol Lančarič, CEO, Orange Slovensko.

"Contactless mobile payments are an extremely convenient method of payment. The acceptance of these payments among retailers is constantly growing, so I am pleased, that also Orange customers can try this stylish payment method," said Michal Liday, Member of the Management Board of Tatra banka.

"I am very happy that Slovakia has become the most innovative country in mobile payments in the European region. I firmly believe, that the cooperation of banks, mobile operators and Visa will bring clients fast, convenient and secure payments, fulfilling Visa's forecast that more than half of card transactions in 2020 will be made by mobile phones," said Marcel Gajdoš, Regional Manager for the Czech and Slovak Republics, Visa Europe.

Several thousands of Tatra banka clients are currently using contactless payments by mobile phone. They are most often used for payments at DM Drogerie Markt, Carrefour, Kaufland, Lidl, 101 drogérie, Hypernova, IKEA, as well as many pharmacies, cafés and restaurants. Thanks to the network of over 9,000 Tatra banka contactless payment terminals nationwide, mobile payments are becoming easily accessible and simple. The average amount per transaction is EUR 16.

Tatra banka introduced the first contactless payments by mobile phone in May 2012 for phones with the iOS operation system, which made Slovakia the first country in the European Union to facilitate this type of payments.

How contactless mobile payments work

Payments by mobile phone are made via the Tatra banka payment card stored on the compatible SIM card, which facilitates contactless payments at contactless payment terminals using a phone that supports NFC technology).

Customers can select automatic or manual payment mode. For automatic payments up to EUR 20, payment is made automatically after tapping the phone on the payment terminal. For payments over EUR 20, a PIN code request is displayed on the phone. After it is entered, the customer taps the phone on the terminal again. For manual payment mode, the customer must run the Mobile Pay application for Orange on the mobile and enter the PIN code before each payment.

The Contactless Mobile PaymentsTB service can be activated by all Orange and Tatra banka customers. Activation is very simple. Service operation requires a special NFC SIM card from Orange and a mobile phone supporting NFC technology.

Tatra banka clients can obtain the new NFC SIM card supporting Contactless Mobile PaymentsTB at Orange sales points and then activate Mobile payments by phone using the DIALOG Live or at a Tatra banka branch.

Those wanting to activate the service without being a Tatra banka client can do so in two steps, by visiting an Orange sales point, and opening an account with activating Mobile Payments at Tatra banka. In addition, as part of introducing this service, Tatra banka waives the one-off activation fee.

The advantage of phones with NFC technology supporting contactless payments is mainly increased convenience and more intuitive use for payments. Payments are simple and more secure, because users always have their devices under control and set the security level as they wish.

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