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300 000 EUR to support culture and art in the Bratislava Region

| 22.06.2020 | 2 min. read

300 000 EUR to support culture and art in the Bratislava Region

Bratislava Self-governing Region and Tatra banka Foundation join their efforts to achieve more. They will contribute 300 000 EUR to support culture and art in the Bratislava Region. For this purpose, the self-governing region and the foundation will use the existing rules of the Bratislava Regional Subsidy Scheme (BRDS).

“Due to the pandemic, independent culture has found itself in a difficult situation, losing financial support from several local self-governments and institutions. The Bratislava Region also had to take cost-saving measures and suspend the support of projects from the Bratislava Regional Subsidy Scheme (BRDS) for this year. We thus sought a way to help and support culture. I am very happy that we have found the Tatra banka Foundation, a partner who will not only allocate a substantial amount in support of culture and art in our region, but will also apply the existing rules of the successful and popular regional subsidy scheme. I would particularly like to recognize the speed of the entire process by the foundation. It is truly admirable. This originally bold idea has been transformed into reality and has marked the beginning of the cooperation between the local self-government and the private sector. The Tatra banka Foundation deserves a big THANK YOU,” said Juraj Droba, Vice-Chairman of the Bratislava Self-Governing Region.

The funds are designed to support projects in the field of creation and presentation of works, activities of cultural organizations, small and large festivals, shows, competitions, symposia, research, and also professional reflection.

“The Tatra banka Foundation has a long history of promoting art. However, in 2020, we have approached this area in a way that differs from our usual approach. Due to the unprecedented crisis caused by COVID-19, we have suspended for this one year our long-term Art grant program designed for university students, young and new artists. We believe that it is now extremely important to respond ad hoc to exceptional events in the society. This is why, after paying 500 000 EUR to fight the coronavirus, we decided to address the economic crisis, which has a significant impact on the art scene. We have approached the Bratislava Self-Governing Region (BSK) and expressly agreed to fund from the Tatra banka Foundation 50 % of the projects intended to be financed under the Grant Scheme. Dozens of artists will receive a total of 150 000 EUR. We already look forward to the origination of valuable and meaningful art projects,” said Michal Liday, Chairman of the Tatra banka Foundation Board and CEO of Tatra banka.

An amount of 300 000 EUR will be allocated to support 111 projects assessed by a professional evaluation committee comprised of 16 members. Project financing will be equally shared between BSK and the Tatra banka Foundation, each contributing 150 000 EUR in compliance with all the requirements stipulated by the rules of both parties. Successful applicants will shortly receive detailed information regarding the administration of the whole process.

Projects proposed for support include civic associations, associations, non-profit organizations, foundations, and entrepreneurs operating in various artistic genres such as theater and dance, literature, audiovisual and visual arts, music, traditional culture and folklorism, and interdisciplinary artistic activities.

The cooperation between BSK and the Tatra banka Foundation will support major projects that are vital to the development of culture and art in the Bratislava Region because culture contributes to developing, encouraging, and influencing the overall social development in the region.

Applicants will find all the information on bratislavskykraj.sk and nadaciatatrabanky.sk

For additional information, please contact: 
Lucia Forman, mobile phone: +421 903 480 471, lucia.forman@region-bsk.sk
Linda Lalinská, mobile phone: +421 911 407 285, linda_lalinska@tatrabanka.sk 

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