General Meeting of Tatra banka shareholders has been held today

| 17.05.2017

Tatra banka shareholders today at the General Meeting approved the Annual Separate and Consolidated Financial Statements and the 2016 Annual Report, profit distribution and dividend payment, appointed a member of the Supervisory Board and decided on amendment of the Articles of Association.

Based on the decision of the General Meeting, profit from previous years totaling €124,792,882 will be distributed among the shareholders of Tatra banka. The 2016 profit of €126,582,666 has been allocated to retained earnings from previous years.

Dividends paid will be as follows: €1,552 per ordinary share with a nominal value of €800, €7,760 per ordinary share with a nominal value of €4,000 and €7.76 per priority share with a nominal value of €4.

The Financial Statements were prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards and audited by Deloitte Audit s. r. o.

For additional information, please contact:

Zuzana Povodová
02/5919 1557

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