Global Finance: Tatra banka is the most innovative digital bank in Central and Eastern Europe

| 16.09.2019 | 3 min. read

Global Finance: Tatra banka is the most innovative digital bank in Central and Eastern Europe

The prestigious Global Finance magazine has announced the winners of the first round of the 2019 World’s Best Consumer Digital Banks awards in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Tatra banka has been awarded the prestigious Best Digital Bank in Slovakia and the Most Innovative Digital Bank in CEE awards.

After being recognized as the “Most innovative bank in Central and Eastern Europe” by EMEA Finance magazine, the award received from the Global Finance is the second major recognition for Tatra banka as the region’s innovation leader this year.

“At the time when we chose our brand promise, to become an innovation leader, no awards for most innovative banks were handed out in this region.” said Michal Liday. “Since we were really ahead with our strategy, we interpreted the trends correctly and systematically worked on it as a team, today we can enjoy these achievements. Nowadays many seek innovation, but we have a head start that is reflected in our products and services. This head start, it is not just our products, but mainly our people and culture and our clients who enjoy using the innovations. The Global Finance’s award as the Best Digital Bank in Slovakia and the Most Innovative Digital Bank in Central and Eastern Europe only further confirms this.” said Michal Liday, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO.

“Digital banking is not only the future but, increasingly, the present,” said Joseph D. Giarraputo, publisher and editorial director of Global Finance. “The Digital Bank Awards recognize and celebrate innovation and excellence in this area.”

Tatra banka has received the following prestigious awards:

  • Most Innovative Digital Bank in Central & Eastern Europe
  • Best Consumer Digital Bank in Slovakia

Global Finance is a magazine published in 158 countries with a circulation of more than 50 thousand. The winners in the category of the World’s Best Consumer Digital Banks have been announced by Global Finance for the twentieth time this year.

The key criteria included the bank strategy and its strength to attract and serve online clients, the ability to motivate their clients to take advantage of digital offers, the growth of the online client base, the breadth of the product portfolio, the tangible benefits of Internet initiatives as well as the website design and functionality.

Innovation leader

Tatra banka’s brand promise is to be the leader in innovation and regularly offer clients useful new products and services to make their lives easier.

Top innovations of the past 10 years:

  • 2010: Contactless Visa payment card
  • 2011: Digital signature
  • 2012: Mobile payments
  • 2013: Voice biometrics
  • 2014: ATM withdrawals with a mobile phone
  • 2015: Online banking using a smart watch
  • 2016: Second generation of payments with a mobile phone
  • 2017: Application for Microsoft HoloLens headset
  • 2018: Face biometrics
  • 2019: Chatbot Adam

“When we take a look back, we can see that Tatra banka was the first to launch many of the products and services that we take for granted today. Few people will remember that Tatra banka was the first to introduce such a common service as Internet Banking in Slovakia and also the first to offer this service in a mobile phone in 2009,” said Boris Fojtík, spokesperson for Tatra banka.

Media contact:

 Boris Fojtík, spokesperson,, 0903 641 846

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