Michal Liday new CEO of Tatra banka

| 05.12.2014

Michal Liday will become the new CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tatra banka. The change in Tatra banka management will come into effect as of 1 April 2015. Igor Vida, the present CEO, will take over the post of CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors in the Czech Raiffeisenbank.

Igor Vida, present CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tatra banka will take over the leadership in the Czech Raiffeisenbank as of 1 April 2015 from his predecessor Mario Drosc who will seek new challenges outside Raiffeisen.

"I have spent 22 years in Tatra banka, which is almost half of my life. These two decades gave me a lot. Tatra banka is a sound and stabile bank, ready to manage new challenges. It has profiled over the last years as a leader in innovations on the Slovak bank market and strengthened its position in retail, so it is only natural that I am passing it on to Michal Liday who is perfectly familiar with our banking environment and knows how to advance Tatra banka even further," said Igor Vida. He joined Tatra banka in 1992 and became member of the Board of Directors after five years. He has been leading Tatra banka as its CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2007. Igor Vida will remain present in Tatra banka and its future development on a new position of Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Tatra banka, after approval of the regulatory authority.

The new CEO and chairman of the board as of 1 April 2015 will be Michal Liday, who has been a member of the Management Board of Tatra banka since 2007. His competences include retail banking, small corporate clients and electronic distribution channels. He started his work in Tatra banka in 1997.

"I truly appreciate the confidence I was given. What I value most on Tatra banka is its employees who always gave me support with their dedication and everyday enthusiasm. My aim is to lead this team steadily so that the bank could proceed and develop its potential for further growth even more," said Michal Liday.

"During his work in Tatra banka, Igor Vida became a great leader able to enthuse both employees and clients with numerous innovations introduced by Tatra banka. Thanks to its current position, Tatra banka is a flagship among our banks in the Group and an inspiration for other countries in terms of many indicators. That is why I welcome his interest in taking over the leadership of the Czech Raiffeisenbank," added Karl Sevelda, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Tatra banka and CEO of Raiffeisen Bank International. "Tatra banka has always had a strategy of finding successors among its own staff. Michal Liday, who has been working as member of the Board of Directors of Tatra banka and successfully built the retail business of the bank is an excellent choice and I wish him a lot of success in his new position as CEO of Tatra banka."


Marína Masárová
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