More than 200,000 clients have created their voice samples

| 10.09.2014

For more than a year, Tatra banka's clients only need their voice to address their bank issues. More than 200,000 clients have created their voice samples so far.

Tatra banka was the first bank in Slovakia, and among the few banks in the world, to introduce this innovative service in June 2013. In the first months of service operation, the number of voice samples grew to several tens of thousands, and after one year the number exceeded 200,000.

"The service has quickly become popular with clients. Today, they no longer think what they need to verify their identity in a telephone contact with the bank. They do not need to search for codes and passwords; all they need is their voice," explains Ľuboš Kováč, Director of 24-hour DIALOG LIVE contact center. "The identity of about 30,000 clients is verified by their voice every month, which is more than 85 per cent of all callers."

How Voice Biometrics (Hlasová biometria
TB) works
Voice Biometrics (Hlasová biometriaTB) is an innovative solution that compares voice characteristics unique to each person and, therefore, provides clients with higher authentication protection and better accuracy for the bank in client identification. Client authentication using Voice Biometrics (Hlasová biometriaTB) requires no password verification. The client is identified during a normal spontaneous conversation with call center staff. Therefore, no client voice recording or dialogue prepared beforehand can be used for authentication.
This year, with its Voice Biometrics (Hlasová biometriaTB) service, Tatra banka has reached the final of the international competition BAI-Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards 2014 in the category of Channel Innovations

15 years of DIALOG Live
Tatra banka was the first bank to launch a telephone contact center on 17 May 1999. The portfolio of services has gradually been extended to include Tatra Asset Management products, Internet bankingTB, information on loans and other services.

Tatra ChatTB was a new addition in 2011. Since its launch, the number of chats has grown at a staggering rate, now surpassing 170,000. The interest in chat has more than tripled over the past two years.

In 2013, DIALOG transformed into DIALOG Live and started using voice recognition to verify clients' identity. Last year, DIALOG Live extended its services to include online video consultation of the terms of a mortgage loan, a "remote business advisor" and a "remote personal banker" (services for legal entities and individuals) as well as offering any purpose loans, credit cards, and many other products with the contracts delivered by courier or via Internet bankingTB.

With a broad service portfolio, DIALOG Live has served more than 9.7 million calls covering about 540,000 hours over the past 15 years.



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