New application version gives an overview of loans and enhanced capabilities for fast credit card repayments

| 13.12.2013

The new version of the Tatra banka application features a number of important and useful improvements. In addition to changes associated with the transition to SEPA payment standards, it also gives a detailed overview of loans and extended options for fast credit card repayments.

New features of this application version:

Overview of loans
This new version provides clients with a useful overview of the loans currently used by clients. Clients can use the application to view detailed information concerning any purpose TB Classic Loan Mortgage LoanTB and Home Equity LoanTB: loan amount, monthly instalment and interest rate, last and next instalment date, the number of remaining instalments and the current outstanding loan amount. Clients without a loan or credit card, who would like more information about these products, can leave their contact details via the application. They will be contacted by the DIALOG Live service, which will assist them in finding the best solution for their individual needs.

Changes associated with the transition to SEPAobr1.JPG
The Tatra banka application, along with Tatra banka's other communication channels, has successfully completed its transition to SEPA payment standards. Clients can now also enter payment orders in EUR via their mobile devices to all SEPA countries. The change has also extended the payment order to include IBAN and the payer's reference and an adjustable movements overview. The BBAN part of the IBAN field, i.e. the bank code and original account number (e.g. SK19110000000002611111111) has been highlighted for enhanced usability.

Advanced options for fast credit card repayments
With the new application version, clients can make credit card repayments as quickly and easily as with Internet bankingTB. The application now offers all the most popular repayment methods: minimum repayment, 95% of the total amount due, total amount due, or a different repayment amount. After selecting one of the options, the pre-completed payment order appears, which only requires approval. The credit card repayment is made instantly.

The application is available for Android, and soon for iOS and BlackBerry10.


Contact for additional information:

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Media Relations Manager



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