New Tatra banka app design suits both smartphone and tablet

| 11.02.2015

The Tatra banka app has undergone a complete redesign, offers the Spending reportTB and many other new features. One of them is the new version for tablets that offers clients an enhanced user experience.

Great design is not about appearance. Great design is about function. Given the complexity of the app and the expanding of its functionalities, we introduce a user-friendly navigation that replaces the previous controls at the bottom of the screen. MENU, which provides access to basic app functions, can be found in the top left corner.


Widgets and context menu
Home screen contains "widgets", i.e. the most frequently used products and services. A product widget contains key product information. Clicking on a widget displays product detail featuring the context menu to control the product. For example the context menu for a current account includes: transactions, payment, ATM withdrawal, standing orders, account name change, monthly PDF statement and pending payments. These features will be further expanded in the future.

The new app generation
Best innovators listen to their clients' needs. This is why Tatra banka offers a number of new improvements as a response to clients' requirements. One of them is the new version for tablets that offers clients an enhanced user experience.

Innovated and expanded functionalities


  • setting preferred account
  • option to respond to a received payment
  • creating a recipient from an account transaction
  • advanced search in transactions and transaction history for more than 3 months
  • balance graph
  • transaction export
  • monthly PDF statement with print option

02.jpgSimpler app activation

  • only requires the Reader (ČítačkaTB) and Tatra banka apps downloaded in the same device

Background running of app

  • option to exit the app and within 2 minutes return to the app without login again

1 click payment

  • fast payment option on the home screen

Spending reportTB 03.jpg

  • interactive graph with expense categories
  • overview of income and expenses
  • management of categories
  • budget setting
  • including products in the Spending reportTB

Branches and ATMs

  • improved (native)
  • navigation to the nearest branch or ATM

Credit cards

  • calendar of credit card closing dates and due dates
  • transaction export

Foreign exchange rate list

  • exchange rate development
  • currency calculator

Nonstop Any Purpose Loan (Bezúčelový úverTB nonstop) 05.jpg

  • nové grafické používateľské prostredie
  • optimalizovaný počet krokov potrebných na načerpanie

and many others

The new version of the Tatra banka app (version 2.0) is available for iOS 6.1+ and Android 2.3+.

Interesting statistics for Tatra banka app

  • 180,000+ clients
  • 27 - 41 user age
  • 5 average number of transactions per month
  • €250 average transaction amount
  • 61% are men, 39% women
  • 69% Android, 29% iOS, 2% WP

History and awards
Tatra banka introduced the first optimized Internet banking for smartphones in October 2009. A year later, Tatra banka's clients were the first to use a native application for iOS operating system. In another year, the user base was extended to include Android fans.

The Tatra banka app naturally developed with the development of mobile phones, gradually adding new functionalities and new users. In mid 2013 Tatra banka introduced the solution for BlackBerry 10 and in 2014 for Windows Phone operating systems. And particularly the last two steps received many awards:

  • Android Code 2014
    Public voting (3rd place)
    Corporate applications (3rd place)
  • VISA Awards 2014
    Best Acquirer, ATM withdrawal with a mobile phone
  • Banking Technology Awards 2014
    Judges' Special Mention
  • Global Finance 2013
    Bank with the best mobile banking worldwide



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