OK glass, call DIALOG Live!

| 03.04.2014

Bracelets, watches and glasses - so-called wearable technologies with additional intelligent features for their users are gradually entering the market. Tatra banka clients can look forward to the first banking application in Slovakia for Google Glass.

While Google Glass is still in the prototype phase and only whispered about in Slovakia, Tatra banka has had the opportunity to try the product and has prepared the first banking application in Slovakia - Tatra banka for Google Glass. After voicing their instructions, thanks to this innovation, our clients can experience the following services:

  • Connection with the contact center (voice instruction "Call DIALOG Live") - making a call to the DIALOG Live contact center. Thanks to voice verification, this service maximizes a client's comfort.
  • ATM localization (voice instruction "Find ATMs") - an application that finds and facilitates navigation to the nearest Tatra banka ATMs, while our ATMs are also displayed in augmented reality (the application shows ATMs near you and all you need to do is turn your head and the ATMs are displayed in the right direction).
  • Branch localization (voice instruction "Find branches") - this application finds and facilitates navigation to the nearest Tatra banka branches; the nearest branches are also displayed in augmented reality.
  • Presentation of Tatra banka's innovations (voice instruction "Show me innovations") - this application runs a video presentation introducing the bank's innovations.

"Thanks to the availability of mobile internet and increasing interest by users to interact quickly and intuitively, wearable technologies will soon extend to various devices; Google Glass is just one of the first sparrows," said Pamela Babuščáková, Head of Mobile Application and Web Development Department at Tatra banka.

The first Google Glass device is expected to be commercially available in the Slovak market this summer. If they wish, enthusiasts of innovations can find the "Tatra banka for Google Glass" application on the bank's website.

Tatra banka has introduced the application in cooperation with the Czech company Inmite.



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