Over 10 000 contactless terminals

| 02.01.2014

The popularity of paying with contactless cards is increasing. The reasons for this include the expanding network of contactless payment terminals at shops and the increasing number of active contactless cards.

Tatra banka has been automatically issuing contactless payment cards since October 2010 to all its clients. Today, almost all payment cards in our portfolio are contactless cards; our clients were using 750 000 contactless payment cards at the end of December 2013.

Simultaneously, our bank actively equips shops with contactless payment terminals, with over 10 000 by December. Tatra banka thus operates over 50% of the contactless payment terminals in Slovakia, through which over 10.7 million contactless transactions totalling EUR 96.5 million were realised in 2013.

We have established an extensive points of sale network where clients can pay faster and easier. During 2013, clients of Tatra banka performed 7 million contactless transactions totalling EUR 56 million.

Just by placing their mobile phone next to the contactless terminal, clients made 25 000 transactions amounting to EUR 340 thousand.

Since starting the payments in 2012, Tatra banka has issued over 5 300 contactless mobile Visa cards, the highest figure in Europe. Contactless mobile paymentsTB are currently available through an iCarte accessory for iPhones or for O2 and Orange clients with a NFC SIM card, also through smartphones using the Android operation system with incorporated NFC aerial. Clients make their purchases with their mobile phones mainly in grocery stores - with almost half of all realised mobile contactless transactions.

When performing a contactless transfer, a client simply enters a PIN code on the phone display. Purchases exceeding EUR 20 can be settled with a contactless transfer. The highest mobile transfer was EUR 1 000 for a purchase in an electronics shop.


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