Results of the Little Finance Academy project

| 26.06.2018

Almost 71% of respondents stated in the survey that pupils had mainly acquired the ability to take responsibility for their personal financial decisions. According to the teachers, pupils improved their ability to evaluate permanent living values and the relationship between life needs and finances as the means of securing them (50%) as well as the ability to prioritize their personal wishes (43%). “Pupils’ skills developed by our project are not purposeless. On the contrary, the ability to correctly evaluate financial decisions and their implications is extremely important for the life today,” said Ján Machaj, EDULAB Manager.

The teachers identified as the areas of the pupils’ greatest progress the planning and money management (59%) and financial responsibility and the related decision-making (55%).

The survey has also showed that the project developed not only financial skills. The teachers included in the greatest project strengths the development of creativity, imagination and teamwork. At the same time, the teachers would like the project to last longer. 

The project of the Little Finance Academy provided a unique link between a practical methodological handbook in book form, creative play designed for the whole team and interactive learning materials. The combination of these technical materials helped the teachers involved with the difficult task – to teach children to find their way in a complex world that also includes money and money management. Moreover, in an entertaining way. 

As for the quality of the learning materials provided, the teachers in the survey highly appreciated the educational content of both the teacher’s methodological handbook and interactive exercises on 97% of the teachers stated that they were highly interesting for pupils. The game Our Town – another project component was also evaluated as attractive and motivating for pupils. The game was based on building the teamwork of pupils, who during the project exchanged marks for payments and rewards using their own class currency. For the money earned they then bought building models and built their own town. Besides teamwork, in this way pupils also developed their creativity and imagination. 

272 elementary schools registered 350 classes in the last year of the Little Finance Academy, which is a total of 6,780 pupils of the 3rd and 4th year of elementary school. 

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