Tatra bank as Sole Bookrunner for EUR 30 million bond

| 21.10.2014

On October 14, 2014 the International Investment Bank (rated A3 by Moody's (STA)/BBB- by Fitch (NEG)), successfully issued a 5-year bond targeted at professional and institutional clients. Tatra bank was the sole lead manager for this bond transaction.

The EUR 30 million bond was issued at par with 3.50% fixed coupon and maturity on October 21, 2019.

The order book consisted of orders from Slovakia (63%), Russia (10%), Czech Republic (24%) and Bulgaria (2%). The biggest part of issue was placed to banks, then to funds and the rest to insurance companies.

To promote the supranational status and the mission of the bank to Central European investors, IIB held a business presentation and an investor call in Bratislava on 16th of September 2014. Against the volatile market conditions, IIB met with great interest among the investors community. Following the positive feedback from investors, IIB decided to tap the market to satisfy the demand and announced a domestic bond issue on 1st of October 2014.

About International Investmen Bank
IIB was founded as Multilateral Development Bank ("MDB"), with special status and support of member states' governmental authorities. It's mission is to promote social and economic development, populations' well-being, growth and economic cooperation among IIB member states, to support small and medium-sized enterprises and offer financing for leading national financial institutions with state ownership, as well as development banks. IIB aims to become a partner for Russian and Slovak companies by providing assistance in financing two prospective projects and Bratislava is considered for opening of the first IIB's regional branch in Europe.


Contact for additional information:

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Zuzana Povodová
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