Tatra banka awarded committee award for best communication

| 30.09.2013

As part of the Hermes - Communicator of the Year Project, Tatra banka has been awarded the committee grand prize for best communication in banking.

On Friday September 27th, institutions from banking, insurance industry, telecommunications, chain stores and public administration with best customer communication were selected. Institutions in these fields competed for the consumer award, committee award and also the grand prize of the competition.

In the banking category, ten committee members in advertising, media buying, PR, digital marketing, research, as well as marketing journalism and the academic sphere voted for Tatra banka as the institution with the best communication.

The selection process comprised three stages - in the first stage, based on quantitative research MEDIAN SK selected seven companies in each evaluated category. The second stage comprised mystery calling realised in co-operation with the Department of Marketing Communication of Comenius University's Faculty of Philosophy, and AKO - research organisation. In the last stage, the committee made their decision based on the results of the first two stages. The committee also considered the results of institutions in the field of PR, advertising, direct marketing, personal sale, sale promotion, sponsoring programme, corporate philanthropy, corporate identity and innovative approaches to communication.

It is a great honour for Tatra banka to receive the Grand Prix in banking based on the committee's comprehensive criteria. In its 23 years in the Slovak banking sector, Tatra banka has gained a firm place among institutions with its consistent external communication strategy. Tatra banka was also the first bank to offer a telephone contact centre, which made it available to clients 24/7. Today, in addition to standard channels, clients can contact the bank through Tatra ChatTB (online chat), online calls, and through the first Facebook virtual branch. Thanks to our unique Hlasová biometriaTB (Voice Biometrics) service, the call centre verification process of clients is very simple - the only criterion is the client's voice.

Contact for additional information:

Marína Masárová
02/5919 1593

Zuzana Povodová
Media Relations Manager


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