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Tatra banka uses AI technology that recognizes client satisfaction

| 25.05.2017

Tatra banka is the first bank in Slovakia to experiment with a unique AI (artificial intelligence) technology evaluating client satisfaction with the visit of a branch. An innovative approach of the bank and the original Slovak technology by FaceMedia have also attracted the interest of the global technological giant Nvidia Corporation.

The software detecting faces, age, gender and emotions of visitors was deployed for a survey of the attraction of new designs of Tatra banka’s future branches. The bank decided to supplement the standard approach – i.e. the analysis of the conscious decision-making component – examined by a standard questionnaire survey – with a completely new approach using AI technology. The unique solution from Slovakia allows examining the unconscious component of the respondents’ behavior. It observes and analyses changes in people’s emotions, which express their actual feelings during the visit of a branch. The algorithm detects 8 qualitative types of emotions, i.e. happiness, surprise, neutral, sadness, disgust, anger, fear and contempt. These qualitative types of emotions are automatically processed and classified in groups on a scale 1?5 as follows: highly satisfied, satisfied, neutral, rather dissatisfied, dissatisfied. And all this without the need for any respondent’s interaction within the survey.
AI technology

 When entering a branch, a respondent was captured by the camera system generally used at the bank supplemented with the AI algorithm. From the customer's face, the AI technology automatically and anonymously detected the gender, estimated the average age and read the emotion upon entry. The next step was to recognize the respondent’s emotion when leaving a branch. The analysis concerned the number and nature of emotions of men/women and age groups captured upon entry and departure to/from a branch. The result of the process was the definition of trends in the changes of visitors’ emotions. By using AI system, Tatra banka was able to identify whether respondents leave branches in a mood that is better or worse than the one in which they entered.

International project success
The initial cooperation between Tatra banka and FaceMedia also attracted the interest of the global technological giant Nvidia Corporation. The company found the joint project so attractive, that it has been selected from 1,500 retail projects in the TOP 8 projects with global potential to dictate future retail trends. Slovak innovators have thus joined a group of visionaries from San Francisco, Palo Alto, Santa Clara and Singapore.

Practical use of technology
With a wide spectrum of functionalities, the AI solution from FaceMedia is one of the most comprehensive in the world. Their technology detecting faces and figures makes it possible to analyze at stores and branches:

  • Practical use of technologyCustomer flow and sales “channel” efficiency
  • Most and least attractive zones and products
  • Store potential (number of passers-by) and their conversion (passer-by vs. visitor)
  • Number of visits and their demographic structure
  • Frequency of visits, peak hours and average length of visits
  • Customer satisfaction with the visit or service (cash desks, service desks)
  • Movement of visitors, creation of heat maps (movement intensity maps) with an option to filter views by age, gender and satisfaction

By adding a screen, analytical functionalities can be extended to include:

  • Targeted communication – display of advertising content based on gender and age of customers
  • Evaluation of quality of the displayed content (emotion analysis at the time of viewing the content)

About FaceMedia
FaceMedia is a Slovak technological company engaged in the development and implementation of face and body-detection technology. It offers innovative solutions to analyze a wide range of customer in-store interactions, customer satisfaction and efficient targeted communication in retail and digital OOH marketing.

It helps clients to collect and analyze anonymous information detected from faces and figures of consumers, which are a significant indicator of their satisfaction, interest, preferences and also their movement during the visit at a store.

More information about FaceMedia: www.facemedia.io

About Nvidia Corporation
Nvidia Corporation is an American technological company based in Santa Clara, California. It designs graphic processors (GPU) for gaming and professional markets and systems for automotive industry.

In addition to GPU development, Nvidia Corporation provides researchers and scientists with parallel processing, which allows them to run high-performance applications efficiently. In recent years, Nvidia has increasingly focused on artificial intelligence.

For additional information, please contact:

 Ján Iľko
FaceMedia co-founder

Zuzana Povodová
Tatra banka spokesperson
02/5919 1557

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