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| 07.03.2017

The Little Finance Academy – a project that not only teaches pupils financial literacy and teamwork, but also develops creativity and imagination.

6,505 pupils from about 360 classes at elementary schools from around Slovakia have participated in the prepared project of the “Little Finance Academy“, developed by EDULAB, a non-profit organization, in cooperation with Tatra banka and Agemsoft, a. s. Although the project is primarily designed to develop financial literacy, it also demonstrates the vision of project learning which develops reading comprehension, etc. “The Little Finance Academy showcases our previous experience and we aim to use more than five-year experience gained from our previous educational projects that have involved thousands of schools, pupils and teachers,” said Ján Machaj, Director of the non-profit organization EDULAB.

“Many people say that they understand money, but surveys and practical experience prove the opposite. Therefore we consider it necessary to lead children at elementary schools to financially responsible behavior. We are pleased to have found a professional partner to achieve our vision of innovative education. We believe that the project of the Little Financial Academy will contribute to improving the financial literacy of children and become an inspiration for other companies interested in improving education in Slovakia,” said Peter Matúš, Member of the Management Board of Tatra banka in Charge of Retail Banking.

The Little Finance Academy is designed particularly for pupils of the 3rd and 4th year of elementary school. Each class participating in the project gets a starting package in which teachers will find all the necessary materials and aids for children. The package includes the original Methodological Handbook with activities for children and access to interactive content. It will also include a complete set of items needed for the “Our Town” game, which is an integral part of project activities.

“Our Town” game
The game is built on the teamwork of pupils who during the project exchange marks for payments and rewards using their own class currency. With the earned money that they themselves have named, they buy model buildings for their part of the town. In four groups the create their part of town according to their imagination and complete models using play dough, paper objects, Lego, etc. In the end they build the center of the town, which will be created based on agreement of all pupils. Pupils present the results of their work to their classmates and parents. Everyone has a unique role during the game. Each district has its banker, journalist and architect. The group receives money for educational activities, which it invests in the development of its district. Besides teamwork, pupils in this way develop their creativity and imagination.

All project activities are based on the national financial literacy standard, a document that precisely specifies the target requirements for various school grades. The activities are always designed to meet the requirements defined in this standard. As part of the project, EDULAB also cooperates with working teachers, so it is mainly inspired by their experience and imagination. Besides more than 60 activities included in the Methodological Handbook, there are interactive exercises prepared for pupils on the portal, where they can, among others, practice reading comprehension.

The project of the “Little Finance Academy” starts on 13 March 2017 and lasts until 8 April 2017 at the latest. Project information is available on

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