The Spending report TB in Internet Banking sorts expenses for display in clear charts

| 03.12.2013


Tatra banka's Spending ReportTB allows clients to track their income and expenses in clear charts. Tatra banka introduced its first version in 2010, and now has new functionalities.

Spending ReportTB is a part of the Tatra PersonalTB package and is available for all owners of the Tatra PersonalTB package directly in the Internet bankingTB of Tatra banka.

The Spending ReportTB is a unique functionality that sorts the monthly expenses of clients into clear categories. Clients can also edit and change individual categories, or set them according to their needs. The Spending ReportTB also allows reviewing monthly income and expenses, which provides a better overview of finances.

See with your own eyes!
A sample of the new Spending ReportTB is in the demo version of the Reports tab (top right), so even non-Tatra banka clients can try it. New Internet BankingTB brings also a new graphical view of the balance visible immediately after log in, as well as the balance of savings in the Tatra banka Supplementary Pension Insurance Company or investments in the Tatra Asset Management funds.
Link to the demo version of Internet Banking:

Compared to the first version of the Spending ReportTB, which was only available in the original version of Internet banking, the new Spending ReportTB has many improvements for users:

  • No activation is needed, the Spending ReportTB is automatically available for all owners of accounts with the Tatra PersonalTB package. Users can find it in Internet BankingTB, in the Reports tab.
  • It presents income and expenses in a current account with Tatra PersonalTB package since the beginning of 2012, and not only for the last 12 months like the previous version. Clients can therefore simply compare the year-on-year development of their finances.
  • Expenses are automatically sorted into 14 predefined categories; we have improved the predefined rules for the classification of expenses.
  • Easy creation of new categories and rules, and reallocation of expenses into categories. We have extended the options for creating categories and rules directly from the transactions. When creating a category, a rule can be created immediately, as the parameters of the rule will automatically be completed beforehand from the transaction attributes.
  • The option to reallocate expenses into categories displayed in the chart using Drag&Drop.
  • Several graphical overviews and export options added.
  • The option to define colours for your categories.
  • The option to set your monthly budget for a category with an indicator of budget overrun.

More about the Spending ReportTB


The Spending ReportTB contains two basic views: Spending Report and Overviews.

The main element of the Spending ReportTB is an interactive doughnut chart, where categories are displayed in colour in which the client had expenses, and their percentage of total monthly expenses in a month (see picture on first page). When hovering the mouse over the category, the chart displays its name, the amount of expenses, and input field for setting the monthly budget. Setting the monthly budget is a simple tool for planning and tracking expenses in individual categories.

In the Spending ReportTB section, a summary overview of categories and expenses is also available with an indicator of budget overrun, and an overview of transactions on which various actions can be performed, such as: export, transfers of transactions between categories, creating new categories and rules, non-inclusion of a transaction into reports etc.:


In the Overviews section, clients can display various overviews of income and expenses over a longer period. The picture shows an overview of income and expenses from the beginning of 2012:


An overview of expenses in all categories:


Development of expenses in one category:


For additional information, please contact:

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+421 2 5919 1593 

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Media Relations Manager
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