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Vacation manual for parents

| 01.07.2015

Let's remind ourselves and our schoolchildren about the principles of safe conduct so that they don't spoil their two-month vacation. In cooperation with a child psychiatry expert, we have prepared a 5-point vacation manual for parents.

MUDr. František Böhmer from the Department of Pediatric Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University and Children's University Hospital:

  • Keep in touch with children  01.png
    You surely know where you have your valuables. But do you know where your children are right now? If your children are left unsupervised, always ask them to at least send a message that they are all right.
  • Spend more time with your children
    The best way to keep children under supervision is to spend more time with them. Take time off and create joint experiences that will become your happy memories.
  • Get to know your children's friends
    Friends can be there to prevent your child from taking risks or even save your child's life. Ask them to stay with your child in an emergency and call help.
  • Instruct children when and how to call emergency numbers
    They can call even without any credit or SIM card. Practice such calls with them without using the phone.

Nadežda Palušová, Segment Manager at Tatra banka:

  • Be careful with cash02.png
    A payment card is safer than cash. You can set a maximum limit on a card or an SMS notification and these services will quickly help you to avoid damage even in case of loss or theft of the card.

    Children's account is free at Tatra banka for children from birth until the age of 15. With this account, a child can use a payment card in Slovakia and abroad and withdraw cash from all Tatra banka's ATMs free of charge.

Zuzana Povodová
02/5919 1557


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