We recognise our clients by voice

| 14.08.2013

Verification of clients calling DIALOG Live is simpler than ever before. Thanks to an innovative method of voice verification the telephone is sufficient for provision of clients´ requests.

"At the time of mobile telephones, the ability of solving things "on the move" - without further passwords and codes is the advantage of a telephone contact centre. This is the benefit brought by voice verification thanks to unique voice characteristics," explains Mr. Juraj Bojkovský, director of the Electronic Distribution Channels Division of Tatra banka.

Voice biometricsTB is an innovative solution that compares unique characteristics of the voice of every person and therefore provides a client with a higher form of protection upon verification and greater accuracy upon client identification for the bank. Verification of a client by means of the Voice biometricsTB is not executed by voice verification but the client is identified during a regular spontaneous conversation with a contact centre employee. Hence it is not possible to use for verification a record of client´s voice or a pre-arranged dialogue.

To allow the client utilisation of the verification by client´s voice requires creation of a so-called voice sample. The voice sample is created from an audio track of client´s voice during a telephone call. The system processes this audio track into a mathematic log and saves it in a database. Client´s voice is verified according to the created voice sample during the next telephone call.

If a client is in a noisy environment or his/her voice is changed due to an illness, he/she is verified by the standard use of card and reader.

"Our clients reacted very positively to the service - we have already created over 30 thousand voice samples in two months of its active operation. Clients are already tired of passwords to all systems they need to remember and they consider the method of being verified just by their voice as a welcome simplification, " adds Juraj Bojkovský.


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