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| 12.11.2014

The fact that Tatra banka is open to young people and listens to their opinions is also confirmed by bank's cooperation with Challengest. In the last activity, the smartest participants won a lunch in the company of Igor Vida, Tatra banka's CEO and Chairman of the Management Board.

This year, Tatra banka also participated in the pilot event called Summer with Challengest to approach active students who are not idle even during holidays and who like to gain valuable experience. The purpose was to give students the opportunity to let their imagination run free and express their opinion on what is essential to them - how they as students view the bank. The task which was assigned by Igor Vida, Tatra banka's CEO and Chairman of the Management Board, was: Imagine that you are CEO of Tatra banka. How would the bank foster its relationship with the target group of students and young people under your leadership? The reward was an invitation to a meeting with CEO and the opportunity to discuss students' ideas directly with him at a joint lunch.

"Personally, I was positively surprised that Mr. Vida was willing to devote so much quality time to us. I think that the atmosphere was very relaxed and none of the participants felt like they had to be careful about what they said. I have talked to a number of CEOs in various companies and I must say that this discussion was the top so far," said Juraj Hovorka, one of the three rewarded participants.

"I personally most liked about the meeting the opportunity to communicate my idea directly to Mr. Vida. His opinions and the professional discussion at lunch were very beneficial to me. It is different to read about something and to get it first-hand from someone who actually creates and implements the strategy. I learned a lot at the meeting, the most valuable was probably information from Mr. Vida, with whom we managed to discuss lots of things," said Ondrej Ďurják, one of the CEO Challenge winners.

The next meeting with students
November 20, 2014  Night of Chances - Faculty of Management, CU, career event, organized by OZ Nexteria civic association. More information: http://nexteria.sk/som-student/night-of-chances/
18:00 Panel discussion in the presence of Mr. Vida

More about Challengest
Challengest is an organization that connects students and companies through tasks, or challenges, assigned to students by companies. By solving the challenges they not only gain valuable experience, but often win interesting prizes. Tatra banka is the main partner of Challengest. In the past this cooperation resulted in Tatra banka Private banking Challenge, which was extremely successful with students. Currently, students can find a new challenge on Challengest website designed to increase financial literacy. We believe that students will easily solve this challenge as well.

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