We will pay the first installment for you

| 07.11.2014

From tomorrow until Christmas, clients can use a special offer of drawing an any-purpose loan. With a waiver of the first installment, they have a unique opportunity to save their money.

If clients decide to draw a loan by December 24, 2014, they can benefit from a special offer of a waiver of the first installment. Depending on the amount of the loan and the fixed period they can save a couple of hundred euros.

 Loan amount (EUR) Saving with a 3-year repayment period (EUR)Saving with a 5-year repayment period (EUR)  Saving with a 7-year repayment period (EUR)
 49.14 32.65  25.72 
163.82   108.84 85.75 
 7,500 245.72  163.26   128.62
 10,000 322.85   212.66  166.21

Clients with pre-approved any-purpose loans have an advantage. They can draw the loan with their mobile phone in minutes 24/7. Moreover, the pre-approved loan amount can be lowered or the repayment period changed as clients wish. After confirmation, the loan is approved and credited within minutes so clients can make their desired purchase immediately when they need. The campaign targets both Tatra banka's clients and non-clients.

Illustrative example: With a loan of € 10,000 at a fixed interest rate of 9.90 percent p.a., the repayment period of 84 monthly annuity installments (one to be paid by Tatra banka) and a one-off loan arrangement fee of € 200, the annual percentage rate is 10.64 percent with a monthly loan repayment of € 166.21. The total amount to be repaid by a client is €13,995.43.


For additional information, please contact:

Marína Masárová
02/5919 1593 | 0911 328 007


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