With an Extra loan instalment you save time and money

| 15.10.2015

Tatra banka introduces a new product – Any Purpose Loan (Bezúčelový úverTB) with accelerated repayment. With Extra instalments, clients can significantly shorten their repayment period and save. All this without the need to visit a branch. Extra instalments can be made from the comfort of your home using the Tatra banka app or Internet bankingTB.

Non-specific loanTB with accelerated repaymentYear 2015 records a continuing growth of personal loans that greatly exceeds the growth in corporate loans. Mortgage loans make the largest absolute contribution to this growth in personal loans. However, consumer loans show a faster growth rate percentage.
At the end of August, the amount of consumer loans in the whole banking sector was more than 17 percent higher than last year. High demand for consumer loans is aided by positive economic development. In 2014 there was a change in the economic growth structure in favor of domestic demand. Strong growth in real wages and employment combined with a slight decrease in consumer prices continues also in 2015.

Improving economic situation of households and expected continuation of the trend create a favorable situation for the demand for consumer loans.

This is why Tatra banka is introducing a new product – Any Purpose Loan (Bezúčelový úverTB)
with accelerated repayment.

Advantages of accelerated repayment
•    option to pay an Extra instalment each month of up to three times the amount monthly instalment without filing an application and visiting a branch
•    simple payment of an Extra instalment from the comfort of home via Internet banking,
or using the Tatra banka mobile app
•    with an Extra instalment, clients can shorten their repayment period and save
•    in addition, clients also get a 100 percent discount on loan arrangement fee

Extra instalments can be paid for new loans repaid from a current account at Tatra banka via Internet bankingTB or using the current version of the Tatra banka mobile app up to three times the monthly instalment. Instalments exceeding this limit can be paid by filing an application for early loan repayment.

Model example:
loan amount                                                       € 4,000
interest rate                                                       10.9%
number of remaining monthly instalments          72 (6 years)
monthly loan repayment                                     € 76.24
loan arrangement fee                                         € 0
APR                                                                    11.63%
total loan                                                             € 5,489.28

Extra instalment                                                   € 50
number of Extra instalments                                6 a year (a total of 25)

Extra loan instalment

If you use accelerated repayment every other month, your loan will be repaid 1 year and 11 months earlier and you will save EUR 501.12 on interest.

Paying Extra instalments is fast and simple. It involves just a few steps.

How to pay an Extra instalment using the Tatra banka app
• Log in to the latest version of the Tatra banka mobile app at your mobile phone or tablet.
• After logging in make the payment from the details of your Any Purpose Loan (Bezúčelový
  úverTB ) by clicking the Extra instalment button.
• Add the amount of the Extra instalment to be paid and click the Make Extra instalment
• Click the Check button and confirm the payment.
• The result of payment processing will be displayed after confirming the payment.

How to make an Extra instalment using Internet bankingTB
• Log in to your Internet bankingTB using standard procedure.
• Click on the Loans tab in the menu on the left, choose the item Any Purpose Loan (Bezúčelový
  úverTB) unsecured, click on the Settings and choose the option Extra instalment.
• Choose the required amount of an Extra instalment and click on Go to payment order.
• Click on the Send button and confirm the payment with the requested authorization code.
• The result of payment processing will be displayed after confirming the payment.


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