With the new campaign, Tatra banka is building the image of the employer of the future for smart people

| 17.04.2019

As part of the current campaign, Tatra banka Group has introduced its new employer hashtag #prirodzenenajlepsi. The core of the campaign is the new career portal www.prirodzenenajlepsi.sk.

“We are the employer of the future for smart people and a place where we like to be, to create and advance,” explains the new employer’s vision Július Benko, Director of the Human Resources Division at Tatra banka Group.

Tatra banka Group is a diverse ecosystem with two brands, Tatra banka and Raiffeisen Bank, subsidiaries, the head office and a branch network and various professions within. Tatra banka Group has more than 4,000 employees throughout Slovakia. It includes IT specialists, traders, marketers, lawyers, sociologists or analysts – these are people performing various types of work in several fields.

Despite this diversity, Tatra banka Group has chosen a single employer identity, a single employer promise – the value that the Group as the employer seeks to offer its employees. It is based on three pillars:

• Ambience        • Meaningful and creative work      • Place for work and life

These pillars have not been created accidentally, but rather as a synthesis of what the current employees of the bank and the potential applicants viewed as the most important to be satisfied and committed at work.

“The recruitment campaign for both brands is designed to support the new employer promise emphasizing the power of diversity and the synergy of unique talents and abilities. The development involved all employees. In cooperation with Studio Echt we sought something that naturally connects us all – from a branch employee up to the CEO and from Bratislava to Košice – and we have arrived at this identity-nonidentity. A hashtag that tells our people, what they are like, why Tatra banka and Raiffeisen Bank appreciate them and what they have in common. #prirodzenenajlepsi is not a logo, it is a statement. Both brands – Tatra banka and Raiffeisen Bank are “powered by people”. We strive to be a good employer for clever and smart people of all generations because we know that these people are behind all our innovations and create the bank with the best global offering of online products and the highest number of awards in Slovakia,” says Milada Halová, Brand Communication and Strategy Director of Tatra banka and Raiffeisen.

The employer hashtag #prirodzenenajlepsi campaign will be visible mainly in the online space. It will be dominated by authentic videos intended not only to introduce the main idea of the campaign “V najlepšom treba začať” (Start at the best), but also break the myths surrounding work at a bank. In addition to bank employees, the campaign was also joined by famous personalities, including the snowboarder and entrepreneur Baša Števulová, architect and musician Juraj Benetín and entrepreneur and education innovator Lucia Šicková. The common denominator of their life stories is that they did not stop on the top, but faced new challenges and moved forward. At the core of all communication activities is the new career portal www.prirodzenenajlepsi.sk.

“We are very happy that Tatra banka has decided to choose the daring communication of the employer brand in terms of both content and visual. In the campaign we pay tribute to people – not only those at the bank – but also outside, that do not stop at the best, but continue to face new challenges. The concept of breaking the myths and stereotypes will be gradually developed jointly with the bank,” said Pavol Kyselica, co-author of the campaign from the creative studio Echt.

The opening campaign format is in image video spot available here: https://youtu.be/WSHrVSJucFA

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