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22.5.2017 19:24

Frequently Asked Questions

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The aim of SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is to eliminate differences with the execution of euro domestic payments and cross-border payments in terms of the European Union and the European Economic Area. Consumers, enterprises, merchants and public sector will be able to execute euro payments and collections within this area as simply, fast and cheep as domestic payments. All euro domestic payments will become SEPA payments as of 1 February 2014.

The SEPA payment is a euro payment executed within the SEPA area. Both the account of the beneficiary and the account of the payer are identified by an IBAN. The payment amount is unlimited and it is credited to the beneficiary´s account in full at latest on the next working day after it is debited from the payer´s account.

The most significant difference is account formats whereby payer´s account and beneficiary´s account is identified. Account number in BBAN format (account prefix, account number and bank code, e.g. 000000-2612637541/1100) is currently used with domestic payments. An international account format - IBAN is used for identification of accounts in SEPA payments (example: SK3111000000002612637541).
All euro domestic payments will become SEPA payments at latest as of 1 February 2014.

No, SEPA relates exclusively to payments executed in euro within the SEPA area. Payments in other currencies, eventually payments outside the SEPA area are not considered as SEPA payments. SEPA regulation neither covers express payments.

The IBAN is an account number in international format. In Slovakia it has 24 characters and consists of the ISO country code, control digit, bank code, account prefix and account number. For IBAN correctness verification we recommend to use IBAN validation available on Tatra banka website. For IBAN calculation it is possible to use the IBAN convertor providing also mass conversion of the existing account formats into IBANs.
Current format of a current account (BBAN): 2612637541/1100
IBAN format: SK3111000000002612637541

Clients can use the existing format of the account number, so-called BBAN for the execution of domestic payments in temporary period until 1 February 2016. The bank changes accounts entered this way for the client to IBAN format automatically.

No, account numbers will not be changed. Every account has been assigned the account number format that is being used today (BBAN, i.e. account prefix, account number and bank code), and also the IBAN format. The majority of banks currently display both formats of the account number in account statements.
Temporary period that will last until 1 February 2016 in terms of the Regulation No.260/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council will ensure that clients will be able to use the account number format used today (BBAN, i.e. account prefix, account number and bank code) or IBAN to identify the account number of the beneficiary. In case clients will use the old format of the account number, banks will automatically convert it to the international IBAN format.

Yes, the existing standing orders will remain valid. The bank will automatically convert them to SEPA standing orders, i.e. transfers the account number of the payment beneficiary to the international IBAN format and calculates the Payer Reference (in case at least one of the payment symbols has been specified).

The client will be able to use for identification of the beneficiary´s account the currently used format of the account number (BBAN - i.e. account prefix, account number and bank code) or the account number in the international IBAN format.
Similarly, the account statement will contain instead of the currently used format of the account number (BBAN - i.e., account prefix, account number and bank code) the account number in the international IBAN format (International Bank Account Number). The client will be able to use for more detailed payment identification the payer reference field.

The client will be able to execute payments in euro within the SEPA area as simply as today. It will be possible for the client to use upon entering payment orders the new "Payer Reference" field serving for more detailed payment identification. IBAN will have to be used as it is today for identification of the beneficiary´s account. Payments will be credited to beneficiary´s account on the following working day after they are debited from accounts of payers, just like it is today with domestic payments. Payments will be credited in full amount and clients bear only charges of their bank.

The Payer Reference serves for unambiguous payment identification. It will be transferred from the payer to the beneficiary in unchanged form like currently used payment symbols. These will not cease to exist after SEPA introduction but will be transferred by means of the "Payer Reference" field.

No, clients will be able to use payment symbols after this date. In case clients specify the respective symbols in payment orders the will be sent to the beneficiary´s bank in the "Payer Reference" field in terms of rules arranged at the national level.
Example of payer reference: /VS1234567890/SS9876543210/KS1234.

No, this date is binding only for the countries of the Eurozone. SEPA regulation effective date has been postponed until 31 October 2016 for countries with other domestic currency than euro.

SEPA direct debit

SEPA direct debit

SEPA direct debit

SEPA direct debit is a contactless payment in EUR in the SEPA area. It is executed based on a payment order from the payment recipient. The payer gives their authorisation (mandate) for SEPA direct debit execution directly to the payment recipient.

The CID is a so-called "Creditor Identifier", i.e. unique identifier of direct debit beneficiary. Every firm that wants to receive SEPA direct debits asks for the assignment of a CID and is registered under this identifier in the so-called Creditor Register. The Creditor Register administrator in the SR is the National Bank of Slovakia. The client asks for issue of a CID with client´s bank which intermediates this request to the Creditor Register administrator.

The UMR is a “Unique Mandate Reference", i.e. unique mandate reference which serves for identification of the collection relationship. It is arranged in a contract between the payer and recipient. E.g. if a client pays one collection company for more services, this company is identified by one collection recipient identifier (CID), while every collection relationship (payments for various services) has been assigned its own UMR.

The mandate is authorisation for execution of a SEPA direct debit granted by the payer to the direct debit beneficiary by signature. On basis of such mandate the direct debit beneficiary is entitled to send a payment order for SEPA direct debit to the payer´s bank.

This parameter defines the behaviour of a current account towards SEPA direct debits. Banks in the SR provide three levels of granting access of the account for SEPA direct debit:
Level 1: allows execution of all payments from the payer´s account on basis of a received payment order for SEPA direct debit. However, the payer can define a list of so-called undesired beneficiaries.
Level 2: only those payments will be executed from the payer´s account on basis of a received payment order for SEPA direct debit whereto the payer set the direct debit mandate also with the payer´s bank.
Level 3: no payment related with SEPA direct debit will be executed from the payer´s account.
All euro accounts has set the level 2 which can be changed upon client´s request.

Mobile applications

Mobile applications

1. Open Tatra banka application
2. Enter PID and your Internet BankingTB password. Confirm by pressing "Send" button.
3. Your mobile will display a screen for entering authentication code. Generate the code on the ReaderTB via SIGNATURE functionality.
4. Create a PIN code you will use from now on for logging in the application.

In this case it is required to unpair (i.e. delete your login data) the application and log in again via PID, password and code from Card and ReaderTB.

To unpair the application:

1. Click to the Deactivate button in Settings
2. Confirm deactivation
3. Application is unpaired


User aspect:

  • 4-digit PIN code is already a standard in mobile banking (other TB applications for payments also use a 4-digit PIN code - Mobile payments, Tatra banka VIAMO)
  • 4-digit PIN code is simpler to enter, whereby we increase user comfort of clients
  • 4-digit PIN code is easier to remember for the user
  • 4-digit PIN code is a similar habit as with debit/credit card

Security aspect:

  • Change from an offline 8-digit security key to an online 4-digit PIN code (all confidential information are verified exclusively on the server, the application contains no information which would allow potential hackers transcode the 4-digit PIN code)
  • Application unpairs after 3 incorrect PIN code entries
  • Entire communication between the device and the bank is encrypted

Recommendation for clients:

  • Use mobile devices in secure environment (beware of unknown non-secured wi-fi) where there is no possibility of seeing your password by other people
  • Do not disclose PIN code to strangers and do not write it down anywhere
  • Do not use a simple numerical series: for security reasons we do not recommend using a simple PIN code, e.g. 1111 or 1234
  • Do not lend your mobile to anybody, contact the bank or deactivate Tatra banka application in Internet Banking in case of its loss.

Tatra banka application can be unpaired (i.e. delete your login data) also remotely by means of Internet BankingTB.
1. Log into the new Internet BankingTB
2. Click on Settings and then on Banking for Mobile Devices
3. Click on Reset button.

If you want to deactivate also generated codes for ATM withdrawal by mobile, you can do so by means of Tatra banka applications on other mobile device or via our DIALOG Live contact centre.

The reason why the message displayed is probably that you exceeded your daily/monthly limit (EUR 3000 / EUR 30,000) for payments without additional authorisation. These limits include also payments set via application Tatra banka VIAMO.

You can set the payment via standard Internet BankingTB if you allow additional authorisation of payments by Card and ReaderTB.

Application Tatra banka supports running in the background i.e. it can be used simultaneously with the application ReaderTB on a single device to activate the application Tatra banka. Maximum running time in the background is 2 minutes. This time may be shorter depending on the available system resources on your device and settings from your mobile device.

Functionality of the postal order scanner is available in section Payment in upper left corner. Initiation of the scanner icon activates the camera by means of which you scan the postal order bar code, QR code under the Banking Association standard or data matrix code, which fills in your payment order. The functionality is available only for smartphones with camera equipped with autofocus. The ability to read the code is limited by the order print quality.

  • You can withdraw cash even if you do not have your payment card with you.
  • Code for mobile withdrawal can be prepared in advance, before you approach ATM. This way the ATM withdrawal as such lasts approximately 15 seconds.
  • You can enter your own note with the withdrawal on basis of which you will know exactly what you withdrew cash for.
  • It is not possible to skim the code like the payment card.
  • You can use a single device (smartphone, tablet) for cash withdrawal from several accounts.

For withdrawal from any Tatra banka ATM you need

  • A smartphone or a tablet with the installed Tatra banka application
  • Ownership authorisation to at least one current personal account with Tatra banka

Withdrawal code is

  • generated randomly, i.e. can not be predicted,
  • always unique,
  • its validity is limited by time - since generation in mobile application until its withdrawal or cancellation, 20 minutes maximum.

ATMs are protected against random "guessing" of codes by time lock.

New functionality of Tatra banka application displays your balance and 10 latest transactions in your account only when you place your mobile to your payment card.

How to do

1. Mobile unblocking
Unblock your mobile and activate NFC for successful payment card loading.

2. Card loading
Place your payment card on the back side of your smartphone and wait.

3. Data display
After the card is loaded, information about the card, account balance and transactions will be displayed.

Only for OS Android.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a functionality of some smartphones, especially with Android operating system, which serves for short distance contactless offline exchange of data. Telephone with NFC has this service in Settings, in section along with Wi-fi or Bluetooth control, etc.

NFC OverviewTB functionality requires a turned on NFC (Telephone settings), unlocked screen and Tatra banka application in smartphone. NFC technology is a new contactless functionality of smartphones functioning whereof is affected by several factors, which we can not influence; especially telephone type, OS Android version and NFC. All these dependencies can cause non-functionality of the new functionality. Turning NFC/smartphone off and on sometimes helps but it is possible that it is not possible to display NFC OverviewTB on some telephone types.

If NFC OverviewTB works but expected information are not displayed the application specifies the reasons for this on the screen. The most frequent ones include unpaired Tatra banka application in smartphone, card of other holder or exceeded contactless limit on the card. In the last mentioned case the only thing that needs to be done is for example to make a card transaction with PIN code on ATM or payment terminal.

No. To display balance you need to meet several conditions and the most essential are these:

  • The card holder registered in the system and the person with activated Tatra banka application must be the same person.
  • This person must also have authorisation to use the respective account via electronic channels.

Simply said, using entropy in creating a password means evaluation of accidentality or diversity of characters (lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers ...). Both simple but strong password should therefore contain a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, at least one number and eventually other characters. A simple way to create such password is for instance to use your surname, enter some of its letters as uppercase letters and others as lowercase and add some numbers or other characters. Another way is to use first letters of a phrase, sentence or saying you remember, for instance "Password for my reader", which would be "Pfmr" and add some numbers or other characters.

Clients with smartphones with Android, iOS, Windows Phone / Windows 10  can download application ČítačkaTB from respective store.
Clients with older types of mobile telephones, owners of Nokia Symbian operating system or telephones by BlackBerry can download the application from Tatra banka website to their computer and subsequently save it by means of data cable to their telephone. In case they have prepaid data services in their mobile telephone they can download the application directly to their telephone from this website. There are two files on Tatra banka website: ČítačkaTB [.jad] ČítačkaTB [.jar]. Correct functioning of the application requires both of these files to be downloaded to the device. The installation process starts after clicking on the icon of one of the files saved in the mobile telephone.

One of the activation ways is by using the Internet bankinguTB. In the Settings tab / Reader click Activate Reader app. You can activate the application:

  • with QR code from the Internet bankinguTB
  • by copying activation text from the Internet bankingTB in your mobile device.

Precise instructions you can found in Internet bankingTB, or in your reader.
Other way of ČítačkaTB  activation is by our DIALOG Live contact centre.
Call DIALOG Live for detailed information.

ČítačkaTB  is a so-called offline application. After it is downloaded, the client needs no Internet access, voice or data services. Internet access is necessary in form of a data pay monthly plan or a short term connection via wi-fi only upon downloading the application from the shop. Clients who want to use the application on an older mobile telephone, on a device by Nokia with Symbian operating system or on a BlackBerry mobile telephone can download the application from Tatra banka website and subsequently save it by means of data cable to their telephone.

It is the same product from the point of view of the bank - Mobile Payments, which has iCarte and Orange or O2 designs - depending on what type of mobile telephone the client uses.
iCarte is a solution for iPhone, which is based on an additional device replacing NFC functionality in iPhone. This solution uses Tatra banka application for mobile payments.
In case of Orange and O2 the solution is based on cooperation with mobile operators, which is currently available for some selected mobiles with Android operating system supporting NFC functionality. We believe that the list of suitable mobiles will continuously expand. The solution is supported by user application Mobile Payments for Orange and O2 Card in mobile.

iCarte Mobile Payments require to have iPhone and to ask for iCarte at Tatra banka. Orange and O2 Mobile Payments require that the client has an appropriate NFC mobile, SIM card which supports NFC technology from Orange or O2 mobile operator and also activated product of Orange or O2 Mobile Payments with Tatra banka.

Before first usage of the mobile for payments it is required to activate the application in the mobile by the client. Successful activation requires data access and also minimum balance of EUR 60 in a current account with Tatra banka. If any of these two conditions is not met at the time of activation, it will not be successful and you will be informed to try it again later.

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology serves for contactless connection which allows simple and secure exchange of data between devices up to the distance of approximately 5 cm. This technology can be used in different types of devices: from smartphones and travelling cards to digital cameras.

Except for the smartphone guide or basic data about the telephone on the box the user can find data of NFC in the telephone also in the device SETTINGS. If there is an option to turn on NFC in the section dedicated to "Wireless connection and networks" under option "More", your smartphone supports this technology. Shop assistants in mobile operator shops will definitely be able to confirm this functionality in your mobile telephone.

It is currently not possible to pay with all smartphones which use NFC technology. There are many technical limitations and conditions which must be met. First of all, an NFC telephone must be certified for payments by Visa card company. The up-to-date list of telephones supporting mobile payments is available at and we believe that will continuously expand.

Mobile payments can be made even when you are out of signal range. Data connection is required only upon activation and update of settings, e.g. limit reset.

Yes. You can make payments via the Internet by Mobile Payments. All card data required for online purchase are available directly in the application in your mobile in tab "Settings" in the offer "Card details" which are protected by PIN code.

It is currently not possible to withdraw cash from an ATM by means of mobile telephone. So far there are no ATMs on our market which would support contactless functionality.

Tatra banka clients have unlimited number of mobile payments covered in Tatra PersonalTB service package price. Direct utilisation of mobile payments is connected with no fees. Products Orange or O2 Mobile Payments and iCarte Mobile Payments are related with further fees under Tatra banka Service Charges for Debit Cards (e.g. cancellation). Activation of Orange or O2 Mobile Payments and iCarte Mobile Payments is charged with one-time activation fee.

Tatra banka has currently the broadest network of vendors with contactless terminals of all Slovak banks. Contactless payments are accepted by operations throughout Slovakia on more than 8,900 Tatra banka contactless terminals. Every vendor who provides contactless payments is marked with a contactless technology logo. Contactless readers are usually placed on cash desks so that they are clearly visible.

VIAMO service activation for payments requires that you own a current account with Tatra PersonalTB service package and have activate Internet bankingTB with Tatra banka and a smartphone with a supported operating system (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).
If you do not have your profile at, create it.

To activate your profile, enter the following in Tatra banka VIAMO application:

  • Activation code you obtain once you log into your profile.
  • Telephone number and password you use for logging into your profile


You can also activate VIAMO for the multiple phone numbers.The second phone number you can add to your profile on, in tab Basic data or you can create separate - the second profile. In this case, however, in any application, you will see only transactions relating to one particular number.

Tatra banka VIAMO application can be used on several smartphones.

Except for Tatra banka VIAMO application and VIAMO portal, every executed payment is displayed also in a bank account statement or in the review of payments in Internet bankingTB.

You will receive notification about having been sent money instantly. If you have Tatra banka VIAMO application, you will learn about it via a notification message. If you do not have Tatra banka VIAMO application, you will receive a text message notification. Transfer of money then depends on the bank the sender uses for sending money and on the bank that maintains your account for receiving VIAMO payments. If it is Tatra banka, the transfer generally happens on the same day. If it is a bank-to-bank transfer, it can last longer according to the bank-to-bank transfer rules but it usually happens on the next day.

If you are not registered, money will wait for you for one week (seven calendar days). This means that a transaction waits in VIAMO until you enter the number of the account whereto money is to be delivered. After the account number is entered, the transaction is executed according to the same rules as are applied with registered recipients.
If you do not take the money (you do not enter the account number on, the transaction is not executed, which means that money do not leave the sender´s account.

Receipt of a payment does not require that you have installed VIAMO application. Registration of the recipient on where you enter the bank account whereto payments are to be delivered is sufficient. This account can be maintained with any bank or foreign bank branch in Slovakia.

Your Tatra banka VIAMO application will be blocked after the third incorrect PIN code entering. Once this happens you need to reactivate the application by adding the appliance on VIAMO portal.

If you lose your telephone you need to instantly remove the appliance on orblock the service by calling DIALOG Live.

It is not possible to change PIN code in Tatra banka VIAMO application for security reasons. First it is required to deactivate the application directly from Tatra banka VIAMO application, or to remove the appliance on VIAMO portal. Then activate the application where you choose a new PIN code. No transaction information is lost with this change which means that you practically get into the same status as before deactivation.

If you entered an incorrect telephone number upon sending the payment, or the payment recipient has an incorrect bank account assigned in the profile, contact your bank. Tatra banka finds in its claim procedure the recipient of the incorrect payment and provides resolution of the situation in compliance with the Act on Banks.

If you encounter any problems with sending money, contact Tatra banka via DIALOG Live.

Payment execution requires sufficient financial means in a bank account. Tatra banka limits the amount of transactions executed via Tatra banka VIAMO application. Limitation of the volume for a time period and the number of transactions forms the subject-matter of commercial terms and conditions.

Tatra banka VIAMO application payment limits

 Single payments
 Minimum transaction 0,01 eur   Maximum transaction 500 eur 
Cumulative limits
Sum of all payments executed via Tatra banka VIAMO application.
 Maximum daily limit 500 eur Maximum monthly limit 5 000 eur 

If you do not own a telephone with the supported operating system you can register as a recipient of payments executed by VIAMO.

Tatra banka VIAMO application can be deactivated in Tatra banka VIAMO application in menu "Information", or on the portal in section "Bank accounts and applications" where you select the option "remove appliance". If you use Tatra banka VIAMO application in several devices, select in the portal menu the one you want to deactivate the application in.

There are two possibilities. Either the payment will be executed after technical break or you cancel it and execute it again after the break.