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Tatra banka

22.6.2018 11:15

Protect your funds

Pay increased attention to protection of your sensitive data:

  • With ATM cash withdrawal
  • With e-mail communication
  • With telephone conversations




What is phishing?

Phishing is a fraudulent e-mail used by an unknown attacker attempts to elicit sensitive data from the e-mail recipient to log into Internet bankingTB

A fraudulent e-mail looks as if it was sent by Tatra banka but it can contain certain suspicious elements.

  • Non-standard address of the sender

Non-standard adress

  • Standard Tatra banka website looks as follows: 

Standard adress

  • The official e-mail from Tatra banka is sent by a concrete sender


  • The e-mail is written in a complicated way and contains grammatical errors

 E-mail phising
The client enters the fraudulent website where client´s sensitive data are to be entered by clicking on the link in the fraudulent e-mail.

The website looks like the original Tatra banka website but it does not contain all security elements after loading:

  • Green lock


  • Https mark


  • Website is located in a fraudulent domain

Domain Tatra banka

  • Website is graphically imperfect and looks as if it was loaded incorrectly

Tatra banka phising

If you receive such an e-mail, please forward it to

How to proceed in case of phishing threat

We recommend our clients to be more cautious. Do not respond to fraudulent e-mails under any circumstances, do not click on links or open attachments they contain.

Tatra banka phising mail

In case you have already filled in the data in a fraudulent e-mail we recommend you to immediately contact the bank by means of DIALOG Live *1100.

Dialog Live



What is skimming?

Skimming of payment cards is a type of fraud which the offenders attempt to get data from a payment card and a PIN code. Afterwards they create a card duplicate and use it mostly for ATM cash withdrawals abroad. 

Offenders usually obtain payment card data by installing special devices especially on ATMs.

Fraudulent ATM example

ATM Tatra banka

  • Hidden payment card magnetic strip reader
  • Hidden camera or false keyboard recording PIN

Recording payment card data

Recording payment card data during the execution of a payment with a vendor or in a restaurant is an alternative of skimming on ATMs. Such data (without using PIN) serve for online shopping. 

Credit card Tatra banka

Tatra banka recommendations

  • ATN password Tatra banka While entering your PIN code, cover the keyboard with your other hand so that it can not be recorded by a hidden camera.

  • ATM´S Tatra banka
  • If possible, use Tatra banka ATMs.

  • Mobile app Tatra banka
  • If you have a suspicion that the ATM has been manipulated with, do not make a transaction and report your suspicion to DIALOG Live *1100.

  • SMS Tatra banka•    Have an active b-mail service.

  • Tatra banka
  • Regularly check your turnovers in your bank or card account. 

  • Credit card
    • If you pass your
      card to another person
      (e.g. when making
      a payment), always
      keep an eye on it.