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Tatra banka

22.4.2018 10:59

Corporate MasterCard

A debit card allows you to use the funds from your current account
with which it was issued up to the set maximum daily limit.

  • easy way of settling your expenses  
  • can be used both at home and abroad  
  • the option of travel insurance  
  • reliable partner for your business 


Corporate payment cards respect your business needs and enable you to manage your funds anywhere in the world, in any circumstances, 24 hours a day. And there's travel insurance at beneficial terms available.

  • Purchases in shops
    • you can use your card for payment for goods and services
    • you can use your card with any merchant who displays the same logo as the one on your card
  • Purchases in self-service terminals

Payment through self-service terminals, e.g. at petrol stations, for the purchase of small goods from vending machines, payment of parking fees, highway tolls, making calls from pay phones, etc.

  • Internet purchases

In virtual shops.

  • Payment via mobile phone

Upon activation of this service with individual mobile operators you can use the payment for the settlement of bills for mobile phone services.

  • Credit top-up
    A single or automatic top-up of credit for making phone calls with a bonus which will be automatically added to the amount of the topped up credit.
  • Cash withdrawal

o    the global network of ATMs is at your disposal day and night

o    for the list of Tatra banka and other Slovak banks' ATMs see and

o    for addresses of ATMs abroad use the ATM Locator on and

  • The option of travel insurance
    • the option to take beneficial travel insurance for your travels abroad with your debit cards
    • the insurance covers insured events which occur during each trip abroad with uninterrupted stay of 30 days max.
    • if you plan to stay abroad longer, you can apply for additional insurance with the insurance company


MasterCard business 

  • Card type: debit 
MasterCard business


Conditions of Visa Electron card issuance:

  • EUR current account with Tatra banka
  • completely filled-in application form for the corporate card issuance delivered to the bank
Contactless payments

Contactless payments

A contactless technology is a part of every debit and credit payment card bearing the logo of a contactless payment. Contactless payments offer:


  • It is currently the fastest possible method of payment.
  • A contactless payment enables you to pay 7-times faster than a standard payment card.


  • In contactless payment simply hold the payment card close to the reader.
  • The payment is realised within 5 seconds.
  • No need to enter a PIN or sign the receipt.

Less change in your wallet

  • A contactless card offers you a much easier and approximately 7-times faster payment for purchases up to EUR 20 than cash payment.

Keep track of your spending

  • Unlike cash payment, every contactless payment you make will be recorded in your Internet BankingTB, Spending ReportTB or on the current account/credit card statement.


  • The bank sets the maximum limit for contactless payments at EUR 20 with the aim to maximise security.
  • The cumulative limit for all consecutive contactless payments is EUR 60.
  • After reaching the limit, a PIN code has to be entered with the payment card. The cumulative limit will then be reset.

Contactless purchases

  • You can use contactless cards to pay for purchases in places marked with the logo of a merchant accepting contactless payment cards.


We are constantly implementing the latest technology. At the same time we make maximum effort to ensure the protection of your money.  In order to improve safe access to your money through payment cards we introduced several measures for cards, ATMs or login to Internet BankingTB.

Chip & PIN technology

  • Chip & PIN represents a more secure form of payment. This tool has been designed to protect both card holders and the parties in money transfers.
  • The basic difference is an intelligent chip that offers more sophisticated information storage compared to a magnetic stripe.

Transaction monitoring

  • We constantly monitor the transactions you perform with your card and thus protect you.
  • As part of our initiative, a banking professional may contact you to verify a card payment with the aim of protecting your money.

More secure ATMs

  • Tatra banka ATMs are more secure thanks to the unique design of the payment card insert slot.
  • Together with other electronic security elements, the threat of data recording from the payment card's magnetic stripe by an unauthorised equipment is eliminated.

Card and ReaderTB

  • Card and ReaderTB is a unique tool designed to make login to Internet BankingTB and online payments confirmation more secure.
  • It comprises an ordinary chip payment card and a chip payment card reader.
  • If you need a smaller reader, you can apply for a minireader.

Overview of transactions

The card holder can constantly review payment card transactions with:

  • Internet BankingTB- an overview of transactions and the current available balance on the account
  • b-mail - information about every transaction via SMS sent to your mobile phone or an e-mail sent to your e-mail address
  • DIALOG contact centre - 24-hour information and proactive service