i:deal - Tatra banka service, enables you comfortable, secure, cheap and
most of all quick trading via the Internet without visiting a branch or phoning a dealer.


  • From the comfort of your office, you can conclude conversions between your accounts in different currencies (fund transfers from one account of a certain currency to another account and currency), exchange rates of incoming and outgoing payments or term deposits.

    Fast and immediate access to the Internet is the best way to use current situation on the interbank market and deal with current prices.

    Security of your information is guaranteed by 128-bit encrypting and your account is secured also by:

    • your personal identification number (PID)

    • password

    • Card and Card&ReaderTB


Technical specification

The condition for using the i:deal service is to have access to a computer connected to the Internet and to have installed one of the supported browsers:

  • MS Internet Explorer 8.0 (or a higher version), or

  • Mozilla Firefox 31 (or a higher version), or

  • Google Chrome 17 (or a higher version)

We recommend a monitor with minimum resolution of 1024*768.

No other special hardware or software equipment is required.


  1. The first prerequisite for you to deal with Tatra banka, a.s. via the i:deal service is to have accounts open with Tatra banka, in the currencies in which you want to deal.

  2. The persons authorized to deal via the i:deal in your corporate accounts must have identification tools allocated by Tatra banka, a.s. - PID code and Card&ReaderTB. In the event it is not so, they must apply for allocation of such identification tools at a Tatra banka branch.

  3. Another condition is to have signed the Commercial Terms of Tatra banka a.s. for realisation of deals at the Department of Capital Markets, with a marked option to deal conversions or deposits via the Internet - the i:deal service. Please contact your relationship manager at the ROC, OC or a branch.

  4. Upon obtaining the contracts and comparing the signatures of the statutory representatives with their specimen signatures in bank accounts, the bank shall return 1 original contract, again via the branch.

  5. Upon obtaining the contracts, you may immediately start to deal in the i:deal 3.0.


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