Mini POS terminal

Extend your services. Accept payment cards at any place in terrain or directly in your bricks-and-mortar store by means of a small and light payment terminal.

Payment by card with the Mini POS payment terminal at any place

Simple and safe payments wherever you are

Using of POS at any place thanks to a Bluetooth interface and its recharging in a car

A small and light device with an option of recharging in the car

Receiving cashless payments via mobile phone with Mini POS

An option of cashless payments via a mobile phone

Mini POS benefits

Make your services provided to your customers more attractive, add their favorite form of paying in your portfolio and thus increase your profits.

The Mini POS Terminal is full of benefits that are useful for any entrepreneur:

  • The Mini POS Terminal represents a smaller, more available and cheaper form of classical payment terminals with all basic functionalities.
  • Thanks to simple connection to an intelligent phone or tablet via Bluetooth it is possible to perform payments comfortably, safely and easily.
  • Thanks to its size and easy portability the Mini POS Terminal is suitable for small entrepreneurs, mainly for taxi services, currier services, insurance brokers, craftsmen, hairdressers, cosmetic saloons, doctors and so on.
  • The total sum of funds is already credited to your account maintained in Tatra banka on the next day.
  • The Mini POS Terminal may be recharged via a mini USB cable in the car.
  • Tips may also be received via the Mini POS payment terminal from the paying customer.
The Mini POS Terminal can be recharged via a mini USB cable in the car

Customer sevice for POS terminals and CardPay

+421 2 / 5919 3435

Mini POS payment terminal functioning

Thanks to the Mini POS Terminal you will be even more available and attractive for your customers.


Mini POS payment terminal – payments by card on events

The terminals are light, practical and do not limit you in any way.

  • Thanks to its Bluetooth connection to a mobile phone or a tablet with data services, the Mini POS Terminal is the smallest and lightest device enabling card payments and available anywhere and anytime.
  • Accept payments via Chip & PIN, payments via magnetic stripe, contactless payments and payments via a mobile phone.
  • Conformation of payment via card is generated directly in the mobile app with an option to send it to an e-mail of the payment card holder or a printer with the Bluetooth technology.

Accepted cards

Our portable payment terminals accept the following payment cards:

  • MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro,
  • VISA, VISA Electron, VPay,
  • Diners Club International, Discover,
  • American Express.

Are meal vouchers acceptable? You may also accept meal vouchers by our portable payment terminals.

Look at the payment cards accepted by Mini POS Terminal from Tatra banka

How to get a POS Terminal

Are you interested in Mini POS Terminals and would you like to implement them in your shop or store?

You can get the Mini POS Terminal, if:

  • you own a business account with Tatra banka and your company is registered with the Commercial or Trade Register of the Slovak Republic,
  • you conclude a contract on acceptance of payment cards.


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