Additional services

Bank reports and information

Bank information upon client's request is the bank's written statement on client as a natural person or legal entity and is issued with client's consent.
The bank information can be provided in three languages: Slovak, English, and German


In line with the provisions of the Commercial Code and Act on Accounting commercial companies are obliged to create registered capital and upon fulfilment of certain conditions are required to have their financial statements audited.

Audit is generally considered to be a form of assessment of an organisation, system, process, project or product. You can request the issuance of audit confirmation only for your account balances with Tatra banka or the performance of due diligence, i.e. the summary of all products with Tatra banka used by the client as at certain date.


Via the daily and night depository, you can make cash deposits to the current account of the daily and night depository lessor also beyond the opening hours of the bank branch.

Cash deposits to the depository is made in locked boxes. The contents of the box are delivered officially on the next business day following the insertion of the box to the daily and night depository.

The bank will provide this service to you based on a signed Agreement on Use of Daily and Night Depository.

Post box

  • Used for delivery of empty boxes after realisation of deposit to the client´s account via daily and night depository, account statements, and other bank correspondence also beyond the opening hours of the bank branch.
  • The post box is provided by the bank free-of-charge, the delivery of account statements via the post box is charged according to the service charges.

Safe-deposit boxes

Lease of safe-deposit boxes for documents, securities, and other valuables.

  • for documents, securities, and other valuables
  • safe-deposit box size: up to 7,000 cm3, up to 10,000 cm3, up to 20,000 cm3,
  • above 20,000 cm3
  • basic insurance: EUR 3,320
  • the option to make supplementary insurance for values stored in the safe-deposit box | Dialog: *1100 | Tatra banka a.s.