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MasterCard Business

With the corporate MasterCard debit card you will get access to the money in your business account 24/7.

Paying corporate expenses with a corporate debit card

Paying in stores at home and abroad

Corporate online shopping with a debit card

Simple online payments

Chip & PIN – safe cash withdrawals with your corporate MasterCard debit card

Cash withdrawals, even with your mobile phone

Contactless payments for faster corporate payments with your card

Quick contactless payments

Benefits of MasterCard Business debit card

Connect your money with a reliable partner. The Corporate MasterCard debit card respects your business needs and enables you to manage your funds anywhere in the world, in any circumstances, 24/7.

The MasterCard can be used for many purposes:

  • purchases in shops
  • online purchases
  • purchases in self-service terminals
  • cash withdrawals
  • credit top-ups


Purchases and payments of corporate bills with MasterCard

Details of MasterCard Business debit card

MasterCard for companies with optional travel insurance 

Are you searching for a basic card for your business account that will help you manage your money? You can rely on the corporate MasterCard debit card.

Basic information about the corporate MasterCard debit card:

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