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MasterCard Business

Embossed card issued with a current account.
The bank stopped issuing new MasterCards from March 15, 2023.
Cards issued before this date remain valid until September 30, 2023 and are fully functional until then.


Frequently asked questions and answers about canceling MasterCard cards

When will the change be effective?

  • MasterCard payment cards can be used until September 30, 2023.

    Clients who do not yet have a Visa card issued by Tatra banka will automatically receive it in both digital and plastic form. It will be able to be used by its holder from the moment of issue. The new card can be immediately inserted into the Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet and pay contactless via mobile phone. It is also possible to generate a one-time card number when paying on the Internet, via the Tatra banka mobile application or Internet bankingTB. The physical Visa payment card will be delivered to the client's card address according to his preference by post or to the branch of his choice.

When will I receive my new Visa card to my account?

  • The new Visa card will be given to clients who do not yet have a Visa card and only own a MasterCard.

    The new Visa debit card will be sent to clients during the months of August and September 2023. The method of delivery of the new payment card will be the same as the client chose for the original MasterCard. You can check the delivery address in the Tatra banka mobile application in the card details section

    Other clients still have their Visa card at their disposal.

Are there locations where you can't pay with a Visa card? If so, what about it?

  • The Visa debit card is an international payment card that is accepted worldwide. In some locations, the use of a debit card may be restricted, so we recommend a combination of a debit and credit card for clients who frequently travel abroad.

What should I do with my old MasterCard? Where should I take it?

  • The client can return an old or canceled MasterCard at any Tatra banka branch, or insert it into an ATM after 01. 10. 2023, which will retain it.

Can a non-embossed card like a Visa debit card be used for car rental, hotel, etc.?

  • Yes, it is possible. Nowadays, it is common for a client to book a hotel or rent a car in advance via the Internet. Then it is enough to enter the required card data when ordering, or to pay physically on the spot with a specific plastic card or mobile phone.

    Banks today issue a variety of digital or virtual cards, so the requirement to use an embossed card is rather exceptional.

What is the difference between Visa and MasterCard?

  • There is no fundamental difference between the two cards. The new Visa cards offer a wide range of acceptance and many ways of using it, such as paying at payment terminals, paying on the Internet, including using a one-time card number, or paying via mobile phone. The client can find all information about the use of Visa cards on our website.

I am not in Slovakia, so I cannot download the card. What should I do in this case?

  • In such a case, it is possible to request the issue of a replacement card, for example via the Tatra banka mobile application or via Internet bankingTB. Before it is issued, it is necessary to change the delivery address of the card to a new address abroad.

I want to change the address to which you will deliver my Visa card. How should I proceed?

  • The card address can be changed in the Tatra banka mobile application, Internet bankingTB, or in a branch or through the DIALOG Live contact center. The change of address must be made before the digital card is issued, otherwise the card will arrive at the original address.

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