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Tatra banka

22.4.2018 10:59


When to pay chic, pay with your mobile.

You do not need your wallet with our new
PayTB application, your cards are kept in one place:

  • You make contactless payments with your smartphone
  • You make secure online payments
  • Your expenses are under control thanks to the overview
    of transactions

Open Tatra PersonalTB account and download  MobilePayTB application

Get it on Google play





We are introducing you a new generation of payments:

  • Mobile payments are available for clients of all mobile operators
  • All cards in one place – debit, credit, private and business cards
  • Overview of all executed transactions
  • Online card management




If you have active Internet bankingTB access and issued at least one payment card, you can activate MobilePayTB application.

MobilePayTB  application activation requires:

  • Android smartphone with NFC antenna (Android 4.4. and higher version)
  • Active Internet bankingTB service (PID and password  for Internet bankingTB)
  • Card and readerTB 
  • Active Internet access via WiFi or data services provided by mobile operator

The service is not supported on modified devices (“rooted” Android devices)

Mobile payments

Mobile payments

You can make contactless payments with your mobile anywhere where contactless cards are accepted.
Execution of contactless payments does not require active access to the Internet.

MobilePayTB application contains all payment cards you own.
Click “Activate mobile payments” with cards which support mobile payments. 

TIP: Set the default card for fast payments up to EUR 20 without running the application.

Select one of two payment methods in card settings:

  • Automatic: transactions up to EUR 20 are made without using PIN
  • Manual: Confirm every transaction by PIN


Internet payments

Internet payments

MobilePayTB  application can also be used as a secure tool for online payments:

  1. Check if you have active Internet access in your mobile.

  2. Select the card you want to pay with from the card list.

  3. Click the “Online payment” button.

  4. After PIN confirmation the application displays one-time card data you use for the payment with the vendor

TIP:  If you make a payment directly from your mobile you can simply copy data; if you make a payment from another device, card data need to be filled in the form with the vendor. Card data are also available in form of notification in the status bar of your mobile.

One-time card data can be used for one transaction / one purchase only. It is not possible to use them to register the card with the vendor. Also, these data can not be used as a guarantee for instance if you book a hotel, at a car rental, etc.

Payment cards

Payment cards

MobilePayTB application contains all important information about your card. You learn the type of card you hold, its expiration, limits or type of travelling insurance you chose.

Entering the card detail requires active Internet access via WiFi or data services provided by mobile operator. You get the card detail after clicking the card picture in the card list.

The card detail contains these options:

  • Transactions
    This option displays all transactions made by the respective card (plastic card and smartphone).
  • Card settings
    This option allows you to change the card settings (daily limits, permitted continents and payment method).
  • Change card name
    Select your own card name (change will also be transferred to Internet bankingTB and Tatra banka mobile application)
  • Card blocking
    Block your card instantly if necessary. You can ask for card unblocking via DIALOG Live or at any branch.