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Tatra banka

20.4.2018 18:36

Visa Gold Private

Credit card is a credit product,
which you can get free of charge and without interest.

  • free use of JET Lounge and SKY Lounge lounges
    during your trips for free at the Schwechat airport
  • no charge as part of the Reward ProgramTB
  • grace period 51 days
  • Possibility to place payment orders


Comfortable loan

  • grace period 51 days
  • flexible repayment - decide how much of the owed amount you repay and when
  • certainty of timely payment thanks to direct debit
  • time saving - do not waste time with loan approval; with the credit card the money is immediately at your disposal

Financial reserve

  • help when needed - car or electrical appliance failure, other unexpected expenses
  • control over your finances - monitor your spending with SMS, e-mail, Internet BankingTB or Tatra banka application
  • money secured by PIN Code, no need to carry cash

Reward ProgrammeTB

  • Use all possibilities and benefits offered by the Reward ProgrammeTB. More information is available with each product.

Assistance on travels

  • the option to book flight tickets, hotel rooms, or car rentals
  • great opportunity to purchase travel insurance, that will cover costs in the event of an accident, lost luggage or delayed flight
  • money available in any country without currency exchange charges


  • Fast way of delivery of statements to e-mail
  • Have your statements sent for free in PDF format for printing or archiving

Flexibility of Repayment

It is you who decide how much to pay back from the lent sum. Each month you can repay any sum exceeding the minimum payment, and that up to the amount of the outstanding sum.

The outstanding sum of the Visa Gold credit card is paid to the account number SK9711000000002005005248 maintained with Tatra banka by:

  • an automatic payment from an account maintained with Tatra banka or Raiffeisen banka
  • a collection from an account maintained in EUR with other bank in the SR
  • a payment order from a current account with any bank in the SR
  • a cash deposit at any Tatra banka branch

If you are a Tatra banka client, it is possible to make the payment also:

  • via telephone - non-stop by means of our DIALOG Live contact centre
  • electronically - via Internet bankingTB or Tatra banka application

Specify the variable symbol with the payment, which consists of 10 last numbers of the latest main card which was issued to you.



Visa gold private 

  • Card type: credit 
  • Issued: No need of current account maintenance 
  • Total Loan Facility (TLF): From 3 000 to 15 000 EUR  
  • Card charge: EUR 8/EUR 4/EUR 0 per month (after performance of Reward programme conditions) 
  • Additional / next card charge : EUR 1,5 
  • Reward programme : Yes / EUR 500 - 50% discount / EUR 1000 - 100% discount  
  • Interest - free period : Yes / 51 days maximum 
  • Maximum daily limit : Up to available TLF 
  • Maximum cash withdrawal limit : EUR 3 000 / day 
  • Minimum payment : 5 % of the sum due, EUR 15 minimum  
  • Interest rate: 14,90 % per annum 
  • Internet payment: Yes 
  • Contactless payment : Yes 
  • Travel insurance: EUR 30 per year
    Complex travel insurance for card holder and co-travelling family members * 
Visa gold private


* husband/wife, partner of card holder up to 65 years of age and children of card holder up to 18 years of age if travelling with card holder

Representative example:

Total credit limit: 3 000 Eur, monthly card fee: 8 Eur, variable amount of standard interest rate: 14,90 %, annual percentage cost rate: 22,55 %, monthly loan payment: 270,63 Eur, maturity period: 12 months.
The total amount to be paid by the client represents: 5 333,55 Eur (on an assumption of immediate drawdown of total credit limit at POS terminal and subsequent monthly remittance of minimum payment – at least 15 Eur - over the 146 months.)



  • permanent residence in the Slovak Republic
  • aged 18 on the application filing date
  • employee - proof of solvency and continued employment for 3 months, confirmed by employer
  • natural person - entrepreneur - proof of trade license for business activities in the Slovak Republic for at least 2 years, and proof of solvency with confirmation of income from business activities for the previous year, confirmed by the relevant institutions

Conditions for the issuance of an additional private credit card:

  • consent of the total credit line holder who determines the credit line amount for the additional card
  • minimum age of the future additional card holder - 15 years

Having an account at Tatra banka is not a requisite for the card issuance.


Payment Order

Payment Order

Thanks to the new functionality "Payment Order" you can use your credit card for:

  • making payment orders to your account maintained with Tatra banka
  • making payment orders to accounts with other Slovak banks
  • paying invoices for goods and services.

How to do it

Entering a payment order from your credit card is simple, fast and intuitive via Internet bankingTB:

  • in upper menu of Products, tab Credit Cards
  • in menu Payments, tab Payment Order


  • to fill in all fields just like with a regular payment order (constant symbol, specific symbol, variable symbol, information for beneficiary)
  • to confirm sending of the payment order via the CV code (last three numbers on the back of the card)
  • that you can make the payment only in EUR currency to accounts in the territory of the SR

The executed credit card payment orders are not included in the Reward programmeTB.