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Tatra banka

12.12.2017 17:05

Mortgage LoanTB with state
contribution to the young

Enjoy the benefit of reduced interest rate
from  0,05% p.a. only till 15.12.2017

  • 0 € loan charge
  • 0 € fee for bank account Tatra PersonalTB
  • 0 € fee for stamps at Land Register


Benefit package

Benefit package

Get our Mortgage LoanTB with state contribution to the young with:

  • advantageous interest rate from 0.05 % p.a. with all fixations1,
  • 100% discount on the loan charge,
  • bank account Tatra PersonalTB for 3 years free of charge,
  • we will help you with processing the Land Register and cover the fee for stamp in amount of 66 Eur.

Other benefits

  • Final offer already on your first meeting
    Final offer and maximum mortgage loan limit are available for you yet on your first meeting. Loan provision is subject to the approval by the bank.
  • Advantageous interest rate on Non-specific loanTB
    Ask for a Mortgage LoanTB combined with Non-specific loanTB and get it with the lower communicated interest rate.
  • Credit card
    With a possibility of getting a credit card free of charge for 12 months.
  • Apartment appraisal within 24 hours
    Take advantage of a cheaper apartment appraisal by Tatra banka within 24 hours.
  • Mortgage loan specialists
    Our mortgage loan specialists will help you with the entire mortgage loan application process.
  • Advantageous loan insurance and real estate insurance
    You can get the right insurance at the branches of Tatra banka and save time and money.

1 The amount of the mortgage loan and interest rate will be determined by the bank at consideration of the particular loan case, and that with regard to client´s ability to repay the loan and the offered loan security.



Conditions for obtaining Mortgage LoanTB with state contribution to the young:

  • aged between 18 to 35
  • current net income documentation from EUR 350
  • with documenting gross income for the previous calendar year (2016), maximum up to
    EUR 1 166,10 (valid from 1.7.2017 until 30.9.2017)
  • loan up to 70% of the value of pledged property. A combination with HypotékaTB can be provided in case the client will be interested in financing up to 90% of the value of pledged property.
  • maximum repayment period 30 years
  • possibility of using portion of loan without purpose specification or for payment of charges (charge for loan processing and apartment assessment via Tatra banka)
  • optional interest rate fixation for 1, 2, 3, 5 years or for the entire loan repayment period
  • secured by the real property meant for living
Loan insurance

Loan insurance

In co-operation with UNIQA insurance company we can provide the following insurance directly in Tatra banka branch:

  • real property insurance with the option of household equipment insurance
  • insurance of the ability to repay loan with the coverage of these insurance risks: death, work disability and loss of job
Online consultation

Online consultation

Take advantage of a new service from Tatra banka in solving your mortgage. Thanks to an online video-consultation with a mortgage specialist you will go over the terms and conditions of the loan from the comfort of your home and then you will just come to a branch to submit the application.


  • free consultation via computer or tablet with internet anywhere
  • following the loan offer and documents directly on the screen during the consultation
  • obtaining a loan offer without visiting a branch
  • possibility of agreeing on an exact time of the consultation


  • weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Supported operating systems and Internet browsers for the use of the video-consultation on the customers' part for desktop and tablet devices can be found Here.


Representative example Home Equity LoanTB:
With a loan of EUR 50 000, 0,05 % p. a. interest rate, maturity period in months / 360 payments and single charge of EUR 0 for loan provision, single charge of EUR 150 for real property appraisal, single charge of EUR 66 for the Land Register and monthly insurance premium of EUR 4,76 for real property insurance represents the annual percentage rate of 2,30 % with monthly loan payment of EUR 139,94. The total amount to be paid by the client represents EUR69 936,00 while calculation of interests is based on an assumption that all months have 30 days and a calendar year has 360 days.

Representative example Credit Card:
Total credit limit: 650 Eur, monthly card fee: 2,50 Eur, variable amount of standard interest rate: 18,80 %, annual percentage cost rate: 30,32 %, monthly loan payment: 59,84 Eur, maturity period: 12 months.The total amount to be paid by the client represents: 1 033,72 Eur (on an assumption of immediate drawdown of total credit limit at POS terminal and subsequent monthly remittance of minimum payment – at least 15 Eur - over the 55 months.)

Calculate our Mortgage LoanTB according to your preferences