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Tatra banka

19.10.2017 20:12

Alfa fondTB

A fund with a unique investment strategy also for those
who have not invested yet.

  • potential to reach a higher revenue with a short-term investment
  • invests in several classes of assets so that it is exposed
    to market risks in the least possible way
  • conservative solution with a horizon of two years


  • represents an entrance gateway to the world of investment
  • designed primarily for the most conservative clients, as well as for any investor solving the need of reaching the highest revenue possible in a short horizon (as of two years)
  • potential to reach a higher revenue compared to annual term deposits
  • a fund with the shortest investment horizon in the category of balanced investments
  • unique alpha strategy of the fund very actively responding to the development on financial markets and amending its composition in such manner that the investor is exposed to market risks in the least possible way and does not need to be afraid of more significant oscillation of the investment


Alfa strategy of the fund is based on a number of equivalent active strategies the aim whereof is to reach a revenue at stock markets, bond markets, foreign currency markets, real estate or commodity market with the least possible dependency on a negative development on the respective markets.

Main areas of the active fund management

  • timing of the presence on the stock market - continuous evaluation of the attractiveness and the power of the stock market and adjusting the presence on the market with regard to its attractiveness
  • selection of attractive shares of global companies - focus on strongly growing, large companies trading on the stock market
  • investment at bond markets - the aim is to achieve revenues from the movement of bond prices of secure countries
  • investment at commodity markets - evaluation of the attractiveness of the commodity market as a whole, as well as the attractiveness of individual commodities
  • investment at currency markets - evaluation of the attractiveness of individual currency pairs
  • investment in the growing asset classes - evaluation of the trend of price development with individual asset classes, investment only in the asset classes with the greatest revenue
Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Investments can be made:


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