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Tatra banka

20.11.2017 06:57

Harmonic fondTB

This fund is for more experienced investors seeking a comprehensive solution
for their mid-term needs, who are willing to accept higher yield fluctuations.

  • Investment into all key assets;
  • Active amendments of profile composition;


  • Opportunity to achieve attractive yield.
    Harmonic fondTB can protect your savings against inflation, allowing you to achieve an increase in value beyond the level of classic banking products, and thus meet your needs, goals, and dreams in a more effective manner.
  • Active administration of your funds
    Your investment is constantly supervised by professionals who review the investment strategy on a regular basis with the main focus on its optimisation.
  • Wide diversification of risk
    Means that the risk is diversified, and that allows your investment to be more stable at lower risk.
  • Currency hedging
    Effectively managed protection of the euro currency against other currencies that you will appreciate if you make investments in the euro currency.
  • Alternative investments
    Using alternative investments is an important aspect of the Harmonic fondTB investment philosophy. These tools prove very good diversification characteristics, and have a stabilising impact on the portfolio's performance development. In addition, they offer better chances to achieve attractive yields.


Purpose of the mutual fund
The fund has income from investments into:

  • Monetary;
  • Bond;
  • Equity open-end mutual funds; and
  • Financial derivatives.

The risk that the value of the investment could be impaired is reduced by spreading the investment into all significant assets, sectors, and regions in the financial market.

The total value of investments into equities and alternative investments and ranges from 5 % to 80 %.

Sticking to the investment horizon is crucial in order to achieve the yield.

The recommended investment horizon of the fund is at least 5 years.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Invest in Harmonic fundTB:


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